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Tipping Advice Needed

My daughter's wedding was catered by Mission BBQ. I worked with the head gal, and then a small amount with her assistant {just over the phone a couple times}. There were 3 servers the day of, as well as the head gal.

The cost of food + drinks came to 2194.06
The cost for the servers came to 270.00

{Both are listed on the invoice.}

On the invoice handed to me, there was no place listed for "gratuity". But on the invoice I received via email, it says in big letters "Gratuity not included".

I've already paid the invoice in full, but did not include the gratuity because I was confused.

Can y'all please tell me:

1. How much gratuity do I pay?
2. Who do I give it to?

Thank you so much!

Re: Tipping Advice Needed

  • DrillSergeantCatDrillSergeantCat Oklahoma City, OK
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    I would think you should tip 15-20% on the cost of the food & drink. Give it to the head gal for her to disseminate to the servers. 
  • Just like you would a restaurant, you tip on the total amount of your food and drink. I haven't seen a catering agreement where gratuity wasn't included in a while, but when it is, it's usually 20%. So I'd go with that unless they did a super fantastic job or a piss poor job, then adjust accordingly.

    So to answer your questions:

    1) $440
    2) the head gal

    Ensure that someone else is on the email chain or present if you give it to her in person. You want to make sure it gets to the people who deserve it - the servers. If you write a check, say "gratuity - Smith wedding 7/22". You get the idea.

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