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Tipping Wedding Planner/Designer

Hi everyone,

So I've been working with a wedding planner/designer (who owns her own company) as my main contact this entire year of my engagement, however her associate planner will be my day-of coordinator because my planner/designer will be overseeing another wedding.

The day-of coordinator will have 2 assistants. How does this work for tipping? 

I paid the main wedding planner/designer $4350. Should I tip the day-of coordinator AND the 2 assistants? Or just do one lump sum? And what should it be? Should I also give the day-of coordinator a tip for the wedding planner since they will see each other? Or send my "tip" or a nice gift card in the mail with a thank you note after the honeymoon? Again, how much would you suggest?

Thank you!

Re: Tipping Wedding Planner/Designer

  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    Yes you should tip the DOC and the 2 assistants. I will probably get yelled at but we didn't tip the wedding planner (who was planner and DOC) 10% because the amount we paid was a little more than what you paid. I think we tipped her $200 or $250. The assistants were tipped $50 ( I think but not sure could've been $100)). Since you actually worked with the wedding planner I would send the tip directly to her - but convention says you don't tip the owner of a business. That being said, our photographer owned her own business but received a tip. When I say "our" I'm talking about DD's wedding. Heaven knows we didn't have all this 34 years ago when I was married.
  • NowIAmSypNowIAmSyp East Hanover, NJ member
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    Yes, I would tip the DOC and the two coordinators.  $100-$200 for the DOC and $50-$100 per coordinator would be lovely.  

    You can "tip" the owner by way of a thank you note, or some good reviews here on TK, WW, etc.  Those are always appreciated! :)
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