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Knottie Tech Help

Logged in 12 times tonight!

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edited June 2017 in Knottie Tech Help
Shame on you, Knottie techs. :s

Revision:  Now it is 14 times!

Re: Logged in 12 times tonight!

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs
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    @Jen4948 started a thread regarding log in/out issues back in February, and it was not the first one.  @KnotRiley responded ONCE back in April with the same canned BS we have been hearing for months.  She has been "active" in terms of reading posts, but clearly there will be NO help coming from the so-called administrators. 

    Too little and too late.  The Knot is dying from neglect and stupidity. 

    ETA.....I can almost never simply "post reply".  For whatever reason, I have to pull the site up on a second tab.  Once that tab is fully loaded, only then can I return to my original post to submit.  I have brought that to their attention as well.  SMH.

  • Logged in three times to 'like' this ...
  • I'm going to keep complaining.
  • MCmeowMCmeow
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    Honestly it's why I haven't been on here much and I'm sure it's the same with others. It's very frustrating that no one is fixing it. Adding on to the obnoxious giant ad that plays at the top (did it go away?). Had to log on 8 times to write this.
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  • Just noticed there is no Mod for this group...

    It's like they don't care about the problems....

    Image of the knottie techies below :-)

    Image result for maybe theyll go away


  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs
    Ninth Anniversary 5000 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    @augustgirl2, in theory a mod should not be necessary because @KnotRiley is the administrator.  However, she has been paged many times, and has not been heard from since April.  Activity logs show she, or someone using her account has checked in in July.  The Knot management does not care.
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