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Ceremony Singer . Thanks but no.

Hello Knotties, 
I need a nice way to say thanks but no thanks. I posted on Facebook that I needed recommendations for a local string quartet and vocalist company to hire for our wedding ceremony. 
One of my friends (who will be an out of town guest) posted she would be willing to sing at our ceremony for free and text her details. 

I've never found her a great singer....she's okay but for my wedding I want a pro (hence why I'm paying them)
How do I go about telling her thanks but no thanks hopefully without hurting her feelings.

(side note. I would LOVE for my Dad to sing/play guitar at our ceremony because he used to perform in church all the time but
1. He probably wouldn't want to
2. I'd like to have the same performer the entire ceremony and he obviously can't play while walking me down the aisle.)  


Re: Ceremony Singer . Thanks but no.

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