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Ways to Make Mom Feel Special?

Hi Friends,
Would love your advice. My parents are split and don't get along particularly well.

Ideally, I would love to have them both walk me down the aisle, but my dad is very eager to do that alone and I don't want to hurt him. 

What are other ways I can make my mom feel special during our wedding weekend? She will definitely give a toast, so ways beyond that. 


Re: Ways to Make Mom Feel Special?

  • She could do a reading, if you are having any?

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    Can you have someone of your mom's choice escort her down the aisle?
  • Being MOB is very special in itself.  I assume she will have a corsage, and she will be the last person escorted down the aisle before the processional begins.  The most special thing my daughter did for me was to hug me after the wedding, and say "Thanks, Mom!  It was perfect!"  A box of See's Truffles was nice, too.
  • Ditto asking your mom! Maybe she would like someone special to escort her down the aisle, right before the wedding party begins. Do you have a brother, or does she have a brother? Does your mom have a new significant other? You could also ask her to do a reading, if she's comfortable speaking in public. Also include her getting ready. I think that was one of my mom's favorite parts. She struggled with my bustle, but we got a good laugh and some cute pics out of it.
  • Why do dads get all the "fun". Walking down the aisle, father-daughter dance. I say do what you want to. Maybe Mom walks you and you do father-daughter dance, or give versa? 
  • Odd point of view from myself on how I ensured my mum feel special.
    So some people on here know my dad passed away suddenly, before I got engaged so when it came to the wedding we opted to scrap a bunch of the traditional things - for obvious reasons.
    So here are a few things that I did with my mum to make sure she felt special - most of which were not announced, it was personal.

    - we went shopping for her dress. We made a special day out of it.

    - we sat and went through photos for the slideshow together, and ended up having a laughing and crying fest. It's emotional, but we were going through memories and it felt special for us.

    - before the ceremony/aisle, we had a moment together. {fun story behind that! We both believe the 'butterfly theory' and while we were waiting for me to walk out, a butterfly flew in to where it was just us and flew around. We were inside}

    - we requested a song that we both love, and danced to it. Obviously not a slow song, but it worked

    There's a few ideas, but I'm sure others have more and can contribute :) When you're getting married, there are so many options for family to feel important.
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