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Changing before leaving reception?

I'm wondering about changing into a different dress before leaving the reception. FH and I will just be going back to our house for the wedding night, not a hotel, because we're going to be 10 minutes from our house anyway. Judging by how long it took to get the buttons of the dress undone at my fitting, I'm wondering if I would rather have a bridesmaid or my mom do it before we leave the reception, instead of making FH have to fumble around with it when there are other things we'd rather be doing. ;-) I've been to a couple weddings where the bride changed, but most of the weddings I've attended we've left before I knew what the bride did for leaving. Any thoughts? 

Re: Changing before leaving reception?

  • Personally, I wouldn't want the hassle of bringing the dress bag and something else to change into to the reception.

    Provided your husband doesn't have fine motor difficulty, a few extra minutes getting off the dress should be considered foreplay. Leave it on and have fun getting out of it!

  • I wouldn't. If your DH has a disability or something, then this might be a good idea, but otherwise, I'm sure he can handle buttons. If it takes a little longer, use the time to recap what just happened. It's one of the biggest days of your lives, so surely you can find a few minutes of run conversation while he's doing this. 

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    My H had no problem undoing all the buttons - and there were a lot. I wouldn't bother changing into another dress.

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    Ditto PP.  H had no trouble helping me with all the buttons.  
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    It used to be traditional for the bride to change into her "Going away dress" at the end of the reception, and the couple would then leave for their honeymoon.  This was when receptions were MUCH shorter, and the guests were still around to throw rice (no longer a cool thing).  The MOH usually helped her change.
    If you want to change at the end of your reception, this is fine.  It is up to you.  Usually the bride wore a corsage with her dress, given to her by the groom.
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    scribe95 said:
    Trust me, the fumbling is awesome. Builds anticipation. Very sexy to have him help you undress. 
    Depends on how you feel about saving your dress.  DH would have ripped those buttons off with his teeth!  Good thing my dress had a zipper.  (No, we didn't live together before the wedding, and we were 1100 miles apart from each other.) :D
  • One of my friends had a super intricate, buttons & corset back dress. She has the cutest selfie from their wedding night of her new husband behind her trying to figure out the back, and her giggling. She said it was one of her favorite moments :) 
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