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Anyone tried a corset under their dress?

hi all. I am wearing a fit and flare wedding dress. I don't know the right way to describe this but the dress doesn't have any kind of structure or support to it so I've been trying to find the right shapewear. I have tried shapewear tummy control garments but none are really giving me the hour glass shape I was hoping for. im wondering about a corset but have never worn one before. Has anyone out there worn one under their gown?

Re: Anyone tried a corset under their dress?

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    Corsets do not control the tummy.  They control the waistline and the area around it.  I tried one on for fun 50 years ago when the Marilyn Monroe figure was considered to be the ideal.
  • My sister had a strapless fit and flare and had a corset bra sewn into the dress so it would have more structure and lay better than a separate bra. I'd talk with your seamstress about it because IME this is a pretty common request. 

    Its not likely to change your shape (unless you're using one of those insane waist trainers which I'm absolutely NOT recommending), but it might give you the fit you're looking for. Again, a corset (or any shapewear) isn't going to change your body, but smooth out what's already there. 
  • Just wear the Spanx with the long-line bra...  
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    I bought a strapless bra/corset combo. It did up with several (like, alot) of those little hooks on the back. I got it for the bra aspect. I also liked that with the boning (not real boning) that it made me sit/stand up straight, which helps one's figure more than we realize.

    A corset will end at/above your stomach, so if you're wanting to control some pooch, it won't do that. A lace up corset will give you a bit more option in shape (bust and waist) because you can draw it tighter in certain areas if you wish.
  • I second the long line bra similar to this one: 

    In my experience, true corsets don't do anything more for your shape unless they're thick and have boning - brocade or leather with steel boning are the ones I've seen most. It may be difficult to find one that looks good under your dress. 
  • You can buy shapewear that goes from the bra to shorts - a kind of all in one.  But you might need to wear more than one item
    I had a bra sewn into my dress and then I'm going to wear spanks.

    You might need something like this and then you could put a corset over it to really get the small waist look. These come up quite high at the back so make sure if you buy it that it can be returned just incase.

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