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Filipino Wedding - Acknowledging Sponsors

Never thought about how many traditions there are entangled in Filipino Weddings and sponsors seem to be a huge part of it. How do we acknowledge them? Should they be introduced as part of the procession of wedding party members (like the groomsmen and bridesmaids), or can the MC announce their names and they can wave or take a bow from the crowd?


  • This seems like a good question for you mom or aunt- how do people in your family usually do this? Or for your future spouse's family if you're marrying into this culture. 
  • I attended a Filipino wedding (well, it was in NYC, but the bride and groom were both Filipino) a couple of years ago.  The sponsors (they were an aunt and uncle) walked down the aisle as part of the procession and were also announced during the BP entrance.  
    Within families/social circles specific expectations may vary- ditto PP, ask your/FI family how they do it.
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