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Help w/ Ceremony wording for certain topics??

Hi All,
   Our wedding day is fast approaching!  A little over 3 months away!  We have chosen to write our own ceremony from start to finish, and so far it has turned out awesome (somewhat non-religious...more about love and finding each other.. etc..)  Anyways, i am looking for a way to incorporate something about becoming your own family and creating new traditions... I was at a wedding a few years back where the officiant talked about how although the bride and groom were combining their families, they should always be their own family as well...  Anyone ever hear of anything like that, or have good ideas for wording?

All help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance! :) 

Re: Help w/ Ceremony wording for certain topics??

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    Our officiant gave us the structure for our ceremony, as well as a booklet with various passages that aligned with each section of the ceremony, but also told us we were free to choose/change whatever we wanted.

    We did use some of the passages from the booklet (sorry, it was only given to us to borrow), but I googled a lot of the sections he gave us, such as "Affirmation" or "Declaration of Intent". I would start there- follow a general scheme to make sure your ceremony has good flow and is hitting all the points. Then you can look for more specific wording.

    Sorry, I'm not great with words myself, but I am familiar with the idea you are referring to (the two families, one family thing), so I am sure you can find the passage online and then change it around a bit if you prefer. 
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    My daughter and SIL did something like that. They had a civil ceremony. Their officiant remarked about how the long marriages of both sets of parents and grandparents offered  lessons in love and perseverance and they were truly blessed to have that foundation. She added up our years of marriage experience for the couple to draw on. She asked both sets of parents to lay hands on the bride and groom's joined hands and offer a blessing for the newly formed family. She read the blessing, pausing to ask for our affirmations as she went along. It was really touching, and the officiant got the point across in a loving way that the bride and groom were now their own family. 

    @HeyPretty6282  I found these readings that are similar to the blessing the JOP used. From

    ETA link
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