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Should groom's father, who is Best Man, sit at the head table?

We have a rather large wedding party but are able to have significant others of our wedding party be seated at the head table, luckily. My fiance has chosen his dad to be his best man and thinks he and his wife (it's complicated but she is not the mother of the groom) should be seated at the head table. I feel weird about this because more than the best man, he is the groom's father - that is his primary role. My parents are not part of our "wedding party" so to speak, and as such, they won't be sitting at the head table. I feel weird having one set of parents at the head table and not the other. I was thinking that his parents should be seated at a family table, just like my parents will be. I also don't want to make my parents feel left out.

The table could fit my fiance's father and his wife, just barely. But there is not room to accommodate my parents as well. Adding the groom's parents would max out our table - people would be sitting on the ends of a long table if we add them.

What do you all think?

Re: Should groom's father, who is Best Man, sit at the head table?

  • flantasticflantastic The Midwest member
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    I hate head tables. They are an awkward display of awkward. If you do one, sit everyone with their SOs.

    I just sat at a normal table with our siblings and their SOs. Our parents "hosted" their own tables. Other folks do sweetheart tables.
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    I agree that you should avoid all of this by having a sweetheart table. 

  • DItto everyone else.   Go for the sweetheart table.

    The bride and groom are the least seated people at any head table.   They have to get up and make visits and talk to guests.   Let the rest of the WP just sit at regular tables. 
  • Ditto on sweetheart table. Plus it'll give you and your new husband a few moments of calm to chat, smile at each other in the "omg we're married!" way or whatever.
  • As a MOB, I was quite happy to be at my own table with my own family members.  (Well, some of them.)  I had no desire to sit with my daughter and her new husband.  I think his parents felt the same way at their family's table.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Jumping on the sweetheart table bandwagon.
  • Sweetheart table! We had one and I loved it. I thought it would be weird, but we felt less "on display," and it gave us a few minutes of time together. I've been in plenty of WPs with a head table, and really kind of felt awkward up there.
  • Another vote for sweetheart table.  For the ten minutes that you and your FI are sitting down, you'll get to have a nice one-on-one moment.

    Bonuses: no awkward "his parents but not my parents" AND the WP will probably be happier sitting with their friends at normal tables.  WP job is over after the ceremony.  They should be seated as regular guests, with the other guests, for the reception.
  • Guys original post is from July. 
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