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Friday.....Friday October 13th

CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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Just the best day ever! Good things happening.  Good things:

- Reba's Christmas album comes out today.  Normally I don't do Christmas before Halloween, but c'mon.  It's Reba ya'll
- H is signing condo loan papers as we speak.  Inspection set for Monday!
- Cubbies came back and won last night!
- The surgeon called my doctors office and got her to send a note to them!  I couldn't do it for the life of me and left on a bad note with them.  I was just going to give up and go to a new one.  So the doctor's nurse told me the note went last night.  Surgeon should get it today, it completes my file and off to insurance for approval! 
- This weekend is our Ghost Hunt at the haunted hotel. and I was soo sooo nervous because they moved H's days off and it was supposed to be today and tomorrow only- but he actually worked into today and gets the full weekend off for it.  I won't have to spend a night in a haunted room by myself.


Re: Friday.....Friday October 13th

  • We're headed to a burlesque show tonight.  Tomorrow is the last roller derby game of the season.  Sunday is cleaning house/laundry, etc, b/c holy hell is our loft a disaster.  

    I have no motivation at work today.
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    It's finally Friday!  Felt like this week dragged!  Next week won't be any better because its my last week of work before vacation.  We are doing a week in Williamsburg and I'm just ready to go and relax and sleep in as much as DD will let us!

    Lunch will be out today with the rest of my department.  Big boss is treating everyone to celebrate a partnership for one of our attorneys.  Woot woot!

    Saturday is yoga, some work around the house (mostly for H), and then a food truck event near us.  They are having other vendors and music acts too.  It ends at 4, so we are hoping to stick out the majority of the event, as long as DD cooperates, then go right to church.

    Not exactly sure what is up for Sunday.  I'm hoping to fit in a visit to my new mom friend, to give her a hand for a bit.

    Happy Weekend WW!

  • @charlotte989875 good luck at the race. I have a friend running the full. I've always heard good things about Columbus.
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    @misskittydanger, yes! Walmart has Christmas stuff out already.  NO.  Give me my October damn you!
    @varunaTT, that sounds like fun! let me correct myself.  Burlesque and derby sound fun.  Cleaning does not.
    @charlotte989875, have fun at your work lunch!  I didn't have a short work week but it actually flew by for me. Good luck at the race!
    @pegasuskat, hope you make your goal this weekend. GL!

  • @CharmedPam ; Urg I know .... we do groceries there and I basically bypass that entire area. Give me the spooky things. Go away with your festival cheer!
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  • We saw (fake) Christmas trees out at Home Depot yesterday- one was selling for $1,000! What the what?!?!?!
  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country member
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    So happy it's Friday. This weekend is sorely needed. Tonight is the first game of the ALCS so H and I will watch that. Hoping the Yankees can pull out a win in Houston to start the series right. 

    Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so we'll tackle all kinds of yardwork that needs to be done. We have huge walnut trees in our yard and there are walnuts EVERYWHERE. They're a pain the ass and our yard constantly looks messy because of them but I'm too cheap to have the trees taken down. 

    Sunday we're going to an Oktoberfest event at our favorite brewery with my in-laws. I'm excited to drink beer and eat brats. The Bills don't play on Sunday so H won't be tied to his phone all afternoon waiting on updates. After that will probably be dinner at my inlaws because my FIL made a passive-aggressive comment last weekend about not me not coming over to their house as much lately when H goes over there. So I'll make an appearance this weekend to make peace.
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  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Work is calling me to come in. I'll be tempted if it's crisis pay. Otherwise my plans are gym, cleaning the house, and hopefully relaxing a little bit. Yesterday was so busy at work. They closed one of the units for the day and moved the remaining patients/nurses in with us, and man, there is one person who was just exhausting us all. She's the type of person who literally never stops talking. It doesn't even have to be talking TO someone. She'll just sit next to you, talking to herself. And she's so loud and opinionated, totally micromanaging people around her. When she left it seriously was 50% less stressful. 

    Other than that, yesterday wasn't terrible. I came home and SO watched Wonder Woman for the first time with me. I really do like that movie. And it's a nice break from our nightly shows we watch. 

    @charlotte989875 good luck at the race! 

  • Tonight is a book fair at Chiquita's school and then ALCS.  I'm hoping DH can take her while I make dinner and then Chiquito can settle into bed while the game starts.   Lately both Chiquita and Chiquito are turning into crazy early risers and it's making me BANANAS (pun intended). 

    Tomorrow we have Halloween night at my IL's campground.   Chiquita is a ninja and Chiquito will be Daniel Tiger.   Weather looks great and I think Chiquita will get some kitchen time before we leave as she helps me make an apple pie.   Picky kiddo said, "Mo-om, do I have to eat it if I help you?"  Nope.   More pie for me! 

    We'll see how dinner goes.   MIL is really irritated about BIL and quite frankly I can't say that I blame her.   It will be interesting to see if she talks to me or DH about the latest in his saga. 
  • holyguacamole79holyguacamole79 a taco truck in Houston member
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    Heyyyyyyyyy!  ALCS time!!!  It's orange out day at school, so everyone is decked out in Astros gear.  You can already see street closures and plans for Minute Maid Park to be nuts.  

    We have tickets to tomorrow's game (3:00 pm).  Thankfully I "won" the lottery to get to buy tickets at face value before it was released to the general public.  Our tickets cost $89.  I just looked at StubHub and seats in the same section are going for $236 each.  

    I'm excited though ... we're trying to get some friends & family to meet us at a bar to watch tonight's game.

  • edited October 2017
    I have gotten the same thing at Taco Bell every time I've gone since.....ever. #7 - chicken quesadilla with a sprite. Lord knows what came over me when I flew through the drive thru on my errand running lunch today, but I got a cheesy gordita crunch. HOW HAS NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THESE BEFORE? OH MY GOD THEY ARE DELICIOUS!

    ETA: Not much going on for the weekend except bathroom work (we're re-doing it) and my dad is coming over to spend time with babybelle.

  • cupcait927cupcait927 Western NY wine country member
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    @holyguacamole79 Jealous you get to go to the game tonight! Not that I can take the time off, but I did look up ticket prices yesterday for game on Monday in NY and hot damn they are expensive. I think the cheapest i found were $400ish a piece.

    @charlotte989875 Good luck on your half!

    @southernbelle0915 ; Now I want Taco Bell for lunch

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  • @southernbelle0915 hell ya!! I discovered those in college, and then I think they went away for a couple years but then came back to the menu full-time. They are amazing
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    Count me in as the Taco Bell crew too.  I do like to think outside the bun.  But we're away all weekend and spending money on food all weekend so alas, no go.

  • I'm here.  Just biding my time until I am done and on vacation.  

    Of course, I'm not feeling the best.  I sneezed my head off yesterday, had watery, itchy eyes, and my nose ran like a faucet.  Today I'm not as bad, but my throat hurts and I can just feel it in my sinuses.  I took mucinex and am hoping this will pass. 

    I did a major packing blitz last night.  I also did some major housework with the kids helping out.  I refuse to leave a messy house when we leave for vacation.  Tonight, we'll finish up and get as much packed in the car as possible so we can roll out early tomorrow. 

    I am feeling a little asshole-ish because I've reached out to a few people in the DC area and told them we'd be there, but never followed up to make plans. It's just hard because we're going with our friends and we're going to be there about 48 hours. And we've been slow to nail down exactly what we are going to do and when. 
  • @mrsconn23 ; sounds like allergies! yikes!
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  • @mrsconn23 ; sounds like allergies! yikes!
    Yeah, I took benadryl last night, which always makes me drag the next day.  I just hate the feeling in the back of my throat/behind my nose, a sore little tickle. :/  I just hope I feel better tomorrow and so on... 
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    << waving hi! >>

    So, I haven't been around TK in a few months. Had a baby girl. Woot! I'm back at work now and Knotting is my conference call hobby, haha. Hope you've all been great and fighting the good fight on etiquette and common sense. 

    This weekend we're going to my sister's and probably hitting up a pumpkin patch if the weather holds up. It's pretty much in the social contract that one must take a child to a pumpkin patch, right? 
    Absolutely!  And take like 100+ pictures of them sitting on pumpkins and holding their faces in wooden cutout people!

    edit: in your case, it may be hard with a newborn so you'll get a free pass.  Next year those pictures better be taken!

  • Welcome back @thisismynickname2! How's the baby??
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    @MrsConn23 - They make a new robitussin for sore throats.  I used that with my post nasal drip and it worked amazingly!  As long as the ingredients are different, you should be able to use with Muscinex.

    @thisismynickname2 - Congrats!  Any pics we can see of DD?

  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI member
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    Welcome back and congrats @thisismynickname2!

    @charlotte989875 good luck with the race. I've heard great things about Columbus!

    @soutthernbelle0915 all I ever ordered from there was the Chili Cheese Burrito. And then they got rid of it and I was sad. It made a brief comeback and then broke my heart again. Otherwise, I don't like anything there but the tacos. UO I know!

    Today we have a wedding, so yesterday was our pre day set. It's supposed to be on our rooftop, which is beautiful but it's looking like it's going to rain all day. They have a rain plan, but it's not as nice so I'm bummed. 

  • Congrats @thisismynickname2!!! Can’t wait to see pics of your DD!! Mine was born a few days after yours - she’ll be 11 weeks on Wednesday! She’s also bald, well partially bald. She’s got the same hairline as my paternal grandfather at the moment lol: fuzz on top and a ring of hair on the sides and around the back! 
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    Congrats @sparklepants41 !
    LOL for baby hair or lack thereof. DD sported that 'do for a while but the fuzz is slowly filling in!
    And she hates hairbows too (sob!!!)

  • The baby is good, thanks for asking! She's 11 weeks tomorrow; perfectly healthy, average in size, not struggling with colic or anything thank God. She's a very typical infant and bringing us (and our families) a lot of joy! Oh and she's kind of bald... just has blonde peach fuzz. I've taken to calling her my little cueball. 

    <<waving hi>>

    Good to see you back!  I'm so glad you and the baby are doing well and are healthy.

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