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What is an acceptable timeframe to get you wedding pictures back? We got married almost 8 weeks ago and haven't seen a teaser picture or anything. The only communication I've had with the photographer was at the 3 week mark when I emailed her politely asking when we might expect to see the photos (we had planned on making thank you cards using the pictures since we didn't take any of our own).  She replied back that they are running about 8 weeks behind. I'm searching high and low for my copy of the contract to see if a time frame was listed, but until I find it I was just curious. I don't want to bother her as I'm sure she's busy. In all honesty it doesn't help they were 15 minutes late and had to run around setting up while we waited.  I paid roughly $3500 for her work. How long do we wait before we start questioning if we've over paid?

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  • It depends on your contract - but you already know that. DD's contract said 8 weeks. I think that sounds pretty reasonable based on what other people on this forum have posted. Now if by 8 weeks behind she means 16 weeks, that would be excessively late to me. You need to find that contract.
  • Read your contract. I would also ask her for a picture so send your Thank You Cards
  • I posted this awhile back on someone else's thread, but if you wanted a thank you note photo, that should have been negotiated into your contract. You can ask, but they have no obligation to provide one if it's not in the contract. Maybe they do several weddings and then take a week to do the editing for them all and so they don't even do any editing until toward the end of the timeframe. Definitely keep looking for your contract, and hopefully, if they're late with the photos, they will offer you some sort of compensation whether that's a small portion of your cost refunded or a free album or something. 

    In the meantime, I'd forget the photo and get those TY notes out asap. There's no need to include a photo with them. Send them out with a Christmas card if you really want everyone to have a hard copy. 
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