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Bride/daughter dance

This is my second marriage so my 5-year-old (will be 6 at the wedding) daughter will obviously be at the wedding. I'm not that close with my dad, he will be at the wedding, but he's also not much of a dancing type, so I wanted to have a dance with my daughter to "In My Daughter's Eyes" by Martina McBride instead. Is anyone doing or seen anything like that done instead of the typical father/daughter or son/mother dance?

Re: Bride/daughter dance

  • The only dance that really should be done (if you're having dancing at the wedding), is the couple's first dance. Reason being: it's the hosts opening the dance floor. Kind of like people waiting for the host of a dinner party to take the first bite or say "dig in". 

    The father/daughter, mother/son dance, or any other spotlight dances are unnecessary wedding traditions. People can do them or not and it never makes or breaks the wedding. As a guest, I wouldn't really care if you chose a spotlight dance with your daughter over your dad. It's kind of "whatever" from my standpoint. 

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    There's no reason you can't have a special dance with your daughter, but I agree with @southernbelle0915 that spotlight dances, aside from the couple's first dance and perhaps the parent/child dances, tax the patience of guests because they are "we require your undivided attention" events. Too many of those will have guests side-eyeing you. So by way of compromise, I'd go ahead and dance with your daughter, but not make it a spotlight dance.
  • Thanks! I wanted to do away with all of them but my fiance is insisting on having one with his mom. I don't like all that attention anyways. So maybe I'll just let him do his thing and not have one at all.
  • If you want to dance with your daughter instead of your dad, go ahead and do it! Your guests will be watching the same number of spotlight dances.
    When people ask about good songs for parent/bride/groom dances, people don't tell them not to do them.
    Everything but the actual signing of the license is an unnecessary wedding tradition. But that doesn't mean that you can't do some of them if you want to.
  • My daughter had a kid's dance at her wedding.  There were lots of kids there.  Hokey-pokey worked great, and the kids were adorable.  Just a thought.
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