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Outside Catering?

FutureMrsKlausFutureMrsKlaus Los Angeles, CA member
I am having trouble finding a venue that fits my wishes.  I am looking for a garden/mountain/nature-y venue (trees, flowers, grass) within my budget of $26,000.  My fiancee and I are big foodies, and we want to have a unique and memorable meal at our wedding that also won't cost an arm and a leg (think food trucks or other such interesting, non-standard wedding food).  Unfortunately, we are running into the problem of many venues that don't allow outside catering.  Do you have any suggestions in CA?  We live in LA, but are willing to go up and down the state for the right place at the right price.  Thanks!

Re: Outside Catering?

  • I booked chase palm center in Santa Barbara and they allow outside catering. Its a beautiful beachfront property that’s crazy affordable.Their max capacity is 125 though
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