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Save the dates Magnet or Card??

 I am buying my save the dates hopefully tonight. I am wondering if anyone thinks Magnets are better/worse than a Save the date card? 
On the magnet  I cannot add "Invitation to follow" anywhere because there is not enough text space on the one I like best. I wanted to add my website on the save the date as well but I am not sure if that is tacky ? 

I am wondering if I should just opt for a card, I am sure people won't keep our magnet for years to come on their fridge and will toss it out so I am not sure if it is worth it ..?

Quick side note , My MIL and SIL are curious why Save the Dates are necessary, I said it is a courtesy to make arrangements, right? 

Thanks in advance 

Re: Save the dates Magnet or Card??

  • I love the magnet idea. It's super cute because it'll stay in the high-traffic kitchen area (at least that's where I'd put it) so nobody will forget! My FH and I are looking at a few different options for STDs. Maybe we'll go with magnets, too! Let us know what you decide!!
  • We actually ordered non magnet just to save a few bucks. They came out beautifully. 
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