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Target Vent

Thanks to you ladies, I knew Target had a difficult return policy.  Our Target registry never really got finished after learning that and I focused on the one we had a Macy's instead.  Of course, one person managed to find and purchase a gift off the Target registry.  We did not need the item at the end of the day and brought it to the store to return yesterday.  We had all the packing materials and slips.

The girl at customer service told us that the packing slip was not a gift receipt and either she could return this to the gift giver's Visa or process it as a return without receipt.  We did not want to embarass the gift giver or our selves, so we said return without receipt.  At this point we were confused as to why they had no other alternatives.  Well, the return with out the receipt was for half the value of the item, so we initially walked out with no gift and Target keeping $30 they had no right too.

I called customer service who sent us back to the store.  Worst call center, you could clearly hear other calls going on and at one point I had to ask if she was even listening to me.  She told me I should have just returned it online (funny slip (with gift note) said returns to store were fine).

Long story short, they did process the return wrong and there was no reason we could not have gotten a full refund initially.  The manager fixed the situation, but seriously over 90 minutes of work to get it corrected.

We spent less time in Macy's finishing off our registry than we did at Target for one return.


Re: Target Vent

  • That sucks, but at least you got your money back. It would never cross my mind to use a packing slip as a receipt, but I dont understand why they couldnt have used your registry as a gift receipt and at least given you a full store credit.
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  • I wouldn't have normally gone for it either, but it had the gift message and was the only paperwork that came with the gift.


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