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Monday, again.

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Hi Y’all!!
I am not sure I will be able to get on later so, since it is fully Monday here, I am starting now.

I hope all the Americans had a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving and all the non-Americans had a wonderful and peaceful Thursday. :)
Ours was really good. Everyone loved the green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. One friend said Thanksgiving is his new favorite holiday, lol. 

We did our Friendsgiving on Friday. Saturday was slow roll clean up. Sunday, I ran around getting our rent checks to the real estate company. The store called to tell me the Hoover is ready for pick up but I forgot to get it. I was so tired so I took a little nap, went to my lesson, and then met my friend for the P!nk concert. Today DH had to work out of town so he took the car and I am actually thankful so now I have no excuse not to finish cleaning. Though all I am doing is knotting, eating stuffing, and having a lunch beer.

Re: Monday, again.

  • That picture is so sweet @6fsn. It looks like you had a ton of fun. 

    Weekend was good; went by WAY too fast. Thursday was TurkeyTrot race in the morning followed by tons of food at the in laws. The baked brie (with cranberry and pistachios) was a huge hit; I made two and they didn't even last until everyone got there. Friday was a lazy day with H until he left for camp. Saturday was shopping with my mom, sister, and goddaughter. Then we had steaks and watched Best in Show, which was hilarious. 

    Yesterday was a ton of grading, watching football, and the Harry Potter marathon. 

    H is out of town until Wednesday so I'm full time walking the dog, so I'm exhausted and thinking of cancelling my class this afternoon. 
  • Aaaand I just canceled class. #TerribleProfessor but I don't think they'll mind. 
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    @charlotte989875, when I was in college, I would have been super excited for my professors to cancel classes on the Monday after TG weekend, lol.

    @mrsconn23, yay Prudie Monday!  Thanks for that gift.  I really need it today.  Tough coming back to work after having so much time off.

    This morning I was grumbling, "I have to work a whole week this week.  A WHOLE week!!!"  Ugh.

    I'm glad everyone had a good TG.  We decided not to cook up TG dinner until Sat., lol.  That was a result of my not wanting to go to a hectic grocery store on Wed.  Didn't want to go on Thurs. either.  Finally went Friday, but didn't get moving until mid-day.  So that wasn't enough time to cook everything up by the time we got back.

    A lot of lounging around this weekend.  Pretty sweet.  Though, I found my kitchen counter!  It had gotten really cluttered over time.  Every once in awhile, I'd see peeks of its existence, lol.  But, since a lot of food needed to be prepped and made, I finally cleaned most of it off.  Plus, for Black Friday, I bought a new appliance from Kohl's.  It's a combo air fryer, convection oven, and toaster oven.  Now there is a place to put it.

    Edited to add:  I'm having a heck of a time with TK this morning.  It won't keep me logged in.  Meh and Phooey!

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  • Happy Monday!

    We had a nice Thanksgiving.   I FINALLY met my brother's BF of over 6 months.   It was his first time bringing anyone who wasn't a platonic friend to a family event and I really dig the guy.

    Friday we started to decorate for Christmas.   Friday is also when I was reminded that humans aren't the only species living in my house.   So. Much. Mouse. Poop.     Luckily it looks like the mice only shat *on* the box that holds our Christmas angel tree topper and left the tree topper alone.   It was handmade by DH's aunt who passed away in August so now it's irreplaceable.   I think she's going to get stored out of the attic from now on. 

    Saturday we did some Small Business Saturday stuff and supported our town with the holiday stroll and before that I pulled out my sewing machine for the first time and altered the curtains DH bought four years ago.   

    This AM Chiquita complained of belly pains and I just HOPE she doesn't throw up.   This poor kid.   Ugh. 
  • UO I was really glad it was Monday and back to work. Well ok I was really glad it was Monday and daycare was open. B was such a grumpy, clingy mess this weekend (Sat and Sun) and my H was gone Sat with friends and hungover/sleeping most of Sun (still on the major shitlist for this) so I'm exhausted all over.
  • Thanks @charmedpam.  His grandmother is 92.  She finished radiation for lung cancer ~3 weeks ago.  The targeted tumor outside the lung shrunk, but there is another tumor inside the lung that is growing rapidly.  She doesn't want another round of radiation and she has refused chemo too.  (No blame there).  Hospice is inevitable.  Apparently they recommend calling early though because they can help in even the earliest of stages. 
  • @ILoveBeachMusic exciting! Hopefully your DD's little ones are active lol Fair warning to her, it's weird to see the baby moving around so much and not really feel it outside. Although I could tell when baby was bouncing near my bladder :')
  • @OliveOilsMom, DD is so cute!  Her warm hat and that cute, little face with her tongue sticking out, lol.  Eeek, that is way too much UrgentCare for one family!  Glad to hear your H is feeling better and hopefully you will also be feeling better soon.

    I don't know what was going on over the last few days, but it was really bad ju ju for things breaking down :(.  I bought a new fridge on Wed. night also.  But not by choice!  One of our tenant fridges totally broke down, so my H had to rush out and get another one.  And personally deliver it with a friend, who has a truck.  Thank you so much, Friend with Truck.  At least our tenant's TG wasn't ruined, but it was super sucky for us.

    Then, on Saturday, my H's desktop computer totally died.  So we ordered another one on Amazon that is due to arrive on Wed.

    Sooooo...that was over $1,000 we weren't planning to spend at all!!!!  Holy crap.  What is going on???  Just unbelievable.  Two blows in one week.  Talk about a major whomp-whomp.

    There may have been another few hundred dollars spent on more fun Black Friday deals.  But I'm pleading the 5th on that ;).

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    Well... Thanksgiving day with in-law extended family was lovely. I dressed my baby in a frou-frou dress and it was beyond adorable. Friday we went to a museum with my MIL and FIL and the baby held up really well- even showed interest in some of the exhibits!

    Friday evening, unfortunately, we all got hit with food poisoning! I had to call my parents to come babysit all day Saturday because DH and I couldn't function. My breast milk supply has taken a hit and I'm still feeling a bit funky, but I'm functioning. Definitely a memorable weekend to say the least...

    Just getting some cyber Monday shopping going now, woo hoo! 

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    I had a nice Thanksgiving but I STILL haven't heard back from the company that is supposed to make me an offer. This is week 3 now.

    I know they've been checking my references, but they've been ghosting me ever since they asked if I would be willing to accept an offer from them (no details provided). They haven't responded when I tried to follow up (twice).
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    @thisismynickname2 Food poisoning is the worst!  I hope your supply is able to return!  Try eating some extra oatmeal, if you can.  Look into some lactation supply bars to help too.  

    @Jen4948 I hope you get your offer soon!
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  • Don’t lose hope @Jen4948, DH began talking with his current company in December- March and didn’t get an official offer until the following October. Worth the wait though.
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    Don’t lose hope @Jen4948, DH began talking with his current company in December- March and didn’t get an official offer until the following October. Worth the wait though.

    I started talking to this company back in August, and wasn't expecting an offer at all, although I was certainly interested. It's just really annoying to be approached, told that I'd hear from the company "early next week" and then not hear from the company at all for three weeks.

    I've been assuming that part of the reason for that was the holidays, but being forced to keep job hunting while waiting endlessly for the phone call that doesn't come while having to tighten my belt is really making me angry.
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    @OliveOilsMom your daughter is soooo adorable!! 

    @Jen4948 some companies are super super slow with their hiring process. It's definitely annoying!! Hang in there - I hope you get your offer soon!!

    Edited because I thought this was the Tuesday thread lol. 
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
  • Hello Everyone. I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving. I sure did.
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