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Payment deadline one paid yet....


The deadline for bridesmaids to pay/order their dress is at the end of the month.

I sent a message out in our wedding group last week saying, "I don't know who has paid and who hasn't. Just an reminder/fyi dresses need to be ordered/paid by end of the month"

I called the bridal shop today to see who has paid and who hasn't.

One bridesmaid has a partial payment and none of the other ones have paid....

What is a good way to "remind" them that payment is due in a few weeks. I hate "asking for money" especially around Christmas time when money is tight anyway for people.

I'm sure I'm not the 1st to encounter this issue.


Re: Payment deadline one paid yet....

  • What you sent sounds good.  Maybe one final reminder on 12/30 or 12/31?  Definitely nothing between now and then.  
    You did mention it yourself- my first thought was that this is a tough time of year for an extra expense.
  • What you sent should be fine. Since it's your wedding chat, I assume no one has had issues in the past not getting messages from that chat or anything? If that's the case, leave it be. They're adults and can deal with the consequences. If they don't get the dresses in time, it's up to you to decide if that excludes them from the wedding party. Maybe some of them were planning to use money from gifts for the dress, or wanted to see what their financials looked like after the holidays.
  • Why is this a problem? There are more than two weeks left in the month. Chill. 
  • MobKaz said:
    If your old posts are accurate, your wedding is in May, 2018.  There is more than sufficient time to order and pay for dresses well after the first of the new year.

    Your store is pressuring you, probably to appease their end of year books.  They will not turn down an order of multiple dresses because you did not order and pay at THEIR convenience.
    Exactly this. This is a great example of the "industry" pressuring you (and by extension, your friends) into spending money right this second that is not needed. You can order in February and be fine.

  • Christmas is coming, all people are busy around holidays. You may send your BMs the reminder email to make sure they have paid for the dresses.
  • Christmas is coming, all people are busy around holidays. You may send your BMs the reminder email to make sure they have paid for the dresses.
    Christmas is coming, so for many people money is tight.

    These people are adults so let them manage their money. They know the deadline, leave it be. 
  • Yeah - add me to someone who would see a deadline at the end of December and I'd probably do it in early January.  

    I'm sure it's not your decision to make a deadline at the end of December but for a lot of people between work and the holidays, I would try to avoid one more thing that month.  For me it's not necessarily the expense but it's the thing that I need to do on top of all the other things that I need to do.   And it wouldn't mean that I didn't value what's going on, but I'd think that a bridal shop wanted to report that their figures were in the black for fiscal year and I wanted to report that I wasn't losing sleep.

    I'd cut your BMs some slack. 
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    augustgirl21, you've already reminded your bms about the deadline. Leave it alone. If the deadline passes and the shop says they can no longer get the dresses, there are other shops that will be happy to sell you dresses. 
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