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Down a BM and GM but I'm an Aunt!!

I had asked my fiances sister and her husband to be in the wedding. They agreed all fine and dandy. 
She called a few weeks ago to say they can't be in the wedding because she's pregnant!!!! I was so happy that I don't even care!!! I get to be an aunt!!!!  

Minor issue, they can't come to the wedding since she is due the same month and cannot travel because she will either be 9 mo pregnant or have a 2-3 week old. 
We are working on ways to facetime/skype them in for the ceremony. 
They suggested getting 2 robots with video cameras like Sheldon on Big Bang :-) 

This could create a issue for my FMIL if her daughter goes into labor the same day as the wedding but we're all kind of hoping that doesn't happen. (she probably couldn't easily/cheaply get a flight out same day anyway) 

They are in the FB group for the wedding party still. I don't want them to feel not included anymore but they don't really need to know all the details anymore especially since they can't come to anything. 
Should I remove them from the group or let them remove themselves if they want?

Also any other ideas on how to include them from states away are appreciated. 



Re: Down a BM and GM but I'm an Aunt!!

  • I don't think you need to remove them. If they aren't interested in the details, they will unfollow or remove themselves.  It might be nice for them to be able to follow along with the planning since they won't be able to attend. Congrats on becoming an aunt!
  • Let them remove themselves from the FB group if they don't feel a need to see that many wedding details. Don't decide that for them.

    Maybe you send them a flower corsage/wristlet and a boutonniere to wear while they are Skyped in for the ceremony. 
    I love the flower idea--maybe if you're doing bouquets for your other BMs, send the new mom/mom-to-be a little arrangement that will double as a wedding thing and a "congratulations" bouquet?  Would that be weird?
  • First off, props to you for being so level-headed about this whole thing and putting your soon-to-be-family ahead of your wedding visions. Congrats to everyone on the new arrival! 

    If your photographer is game, try to take some pictures of you guys holding up the phone/tablet/whatever while you're Skyping so you can get a picture "with" them. My friends and I hold up cell phone pictures of each other (or in ridiculous circumstances have made cutouts of each other) as a silly way to make people far way feel included. 
  • Yay!  Congrats on soon becoming an aunt!

    I agree with the others.  They can remove themselves from the group, if they wish to.  But I could see where they might enjoy seeing what's going on vicariously, since they won't be able to be in the WP or at the wedding.

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    Congratulations to you and your family!

    As far as your bridal party goes, I'd leave things be and let them decide if they want to remove themselves. The PP's corsage idea is a nice one.
  • I love the internet for this reason :) one of my BM's was skyped into majority of things since she lived across country {she's also gonna be skyped in when we have a gender reveal next week}

    I love @downtondiva ; idea of sending them something to wear during the ceremony :)

    Just out of curiosity, have you figured out who would be holding the phone/tablet/camera during the ceremony? Is it possible to prop it somewhere? {like a small table or some books on a chair}
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  • I'm in a similar boat; our best man just called my FH to tell him his wife is pregnant and the due date is in July/August.  They are waiting to hear the due date for certain, but since they are coming up from FL to NY for the wedding, the best man may need to decline.  We are thrilled for them :) But FL may ask another friend to stand in.  Or face time like Marshall and Ted in HIMYM lol
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