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  • How formal is your wedding? Your invite conveys the level of formality of your event, so depending on how casual your wedding is this might be fine, but if it is a more formal event I wouldn't get that from these invites. 
  • I would say its semi-formal the attire will be suits and party dresses (cocktail attire) 
  • I think they're convenient and use less paper, which is always a plus. I wouldn't get a super formal vibe from them though, just something to think about. 

    But as an aside, you shouldn't specify a dress code unless it's truly a black tie event or your venue has guidelines (no jeans at the country club, cover your shoulders in the church, etc). Semi-formal isn't an actual "dress code," and can encompass everything from suits to dress slacks/button down/no tie.
  • I don't think they look cheap but agree that they would convey a less formal tone. Minted is usually really great quality, so I think that would help them look less "cheap." 

    My only concern would be that I have read on some FB wedding groups that people have had postcard STDs or RSVPs get lost in the mail. I don't know how much weight to put behind this, but maybe something to look into! 
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    There is nothing wrong with using this style of invitation.  Bear in mind that they are a recent style, and if you plan to save an invitation to remember, it may not be as appealing in the future if styles change.

    My daughter solved the problem and saved money by having RSVP cards printed at Vistaprint to coordinate with her invitations.  We saved on postage (postcards cost less to mail) and didn't need an RSVP return envelope, but she still had a traditional wedding invitation.  None of the postcards were lost in the mail.  This solution might satisfy both your thriftiness, ecology, and your FMIL.

    I would recommend a more traditional wording.  Their sample wording tries to combine everything,  including a wedding website, onto a rather small space.
  • I really like them a lot! And I don't think they look "cheap".

    However, I also don't think they seem very formal. If I got this invite and the venue wasn't a country club or something, I'd probably assume the formality only dictated sundresses or khakis with a jacket, no tie. Know what I mean?

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    They're pretty, but not very formal. They suggest an afternoon wedding with a reception in a church fellowship hall or garden, or something similar, and would dress accordingly.

    For a really formal wedding, I would stick to engraved invitations and envelopes.
  • I used very similar invitations and they were fantastic!  I personally dislike receiving invitations with multiple envelopes and cards - it's annoying to keep track of and generally really wasteful.  I did have a few postcards not make it back, but it was not a big deal at all.  Just had to follow up with them after our RSVP date. 

    Also - I've received this style invite before and at least half the time people forget to stamp the return postcard.  Don't forget to do that!!! Bonus, postcard stamps are cheaper than regular stamps.

  • My wedding is at an updated very eclectic and romantic barn in the middle of the mountains. 
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    They don't look cheap to me. I love the invitation that you selected and I like the all in one concept, in general. 

    Using the style of your invitation as a cue, I would wear a cocktail dress if the reception is in the evening, or a sundress and cardigan if it is in the afternoon. My husband would wear a suit or slacks and sports jacket. 

  • @MairePoppy awesome! Thank you so much!  thats exactly the type of attire I was going for! It is an evening wedding so cocktail/party dress and suit or slacks or khakis. 
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