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Hello!  I was on Etsy and I came across LaceMarry for wedding dresses.  Her dresses look beautiful and it seem legit.  However, I am very skeptical.  Has anyone used her recently?

Re: LaceMarry

  • I would never recommend buying a wedding dress that you have not seen and tried on in person.
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs
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    CMGragain said:
    I would never recommend buying a wedding dress that you have not seen and tried on in person.
    Of course you wouldn't......

    Sorry!  I couldn't resist!  OP, I agree 100%  This is one time you absolutely want a brick and mortar experience!

  • CMGragainCMGragain
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    I just looked up "LaceMarry".  "She" is a Chinese workshop.  You have no idea what you will receive. Lace is very expensive, and you cannot buy the fabric for one of these dresses for the prices they are quoting. There are so many of these places, and most of them deliver poor quality products.  Don't risk it!  Go to a brick and mortar store and try on dresses so that you can see for yourself what you will be getting for your money! 
  • I'd be wary there are no customer images in the reviews. Usually when I order on Etsy I like to check not just reviews, but to see if people have uploaded their own photos, and that doesn't seem to be the case for most of the reviews. There is a return policy (suriprisingly) but it is pretty strict so if you do order from there I'd be very careful about your measurements, style, sizing, and anything else regarding the order. 
  • I would NEVER buy a wedding dress online without at least trying on some dresses from the designer. Anything that quotes prices that are too good to be true probably are....don't gamble with your wedding dress.

  • CMGragainCMGragain
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    I've been looking around on line at legitimate USA designers.  You will need to have a dress budget of at least $1,000 for a dress similar to the ones pictured in LaceMarry's site - if these are even their own work.  Many Chinese on line sites use photos stolen from other designers and pretend that it is their own work!  Once they have your money, you are stuck with whatever they send you.
  • I ordered my dress from her, but it was only a couple weeks ago and it has not arrived yet obviously. At this point the only thing I received from her was fabric samples for colors. But she has been great at responding and keeping up with me. There was about a 8 month correspondence with her just because I couldn't decide what I wanted, and she worked with me the whole time.

    There's tons of customer photos and reviews, not just on her etsy page but on other sites, like Facebook, WeddingWire, Reddit, etc. Trust me, I made sure a billion times she was not a scam before I gave her any money. The return policy is strict because it's a custom-designed, custom-sized dress - that's pretty much the norm with anything you order that is custom-sized, because it cannot be resold.

    I kind of understand the anxiety over not being able to try anything on or her not seeing you in person to custom-size for you. I just went to bridal shops and tried on similar style dresses to see what they looked like on me first, then she asked for very, very thorough measurements - more thorough than some bridal shops asked me for - and photos that show the general shape of your body for extra guidance. Plus, if you ordered a dress from a bridal shop, it's likely the person actually sewing your dress will never see you either and are just working off of measurements taken by the attendant at the shop.

    The mark-up on wedding dresses in Western countries is ridiculous, so being able to provide dresses at the lowest price of $400-600 is not concerning to me. I paid close to $700 for my dress and petticoat, which is basically what you would pay if you bought a dress from a David's Bridal sale rack. If it was closer to $100, yea, I'd probably be a bit concerned lol. 

    Now, all that's not saying that I was not nervous at all throughout this whole process. I still randomly get nervous because I haven't seen the exact dress that she is making, but that is a risk involved with getting a dress custom-designed.
    I have also wondered if she employs other people in a "sweatshop"-like situation. However, unfortunately, there is no way of knowing that for sure. To be able to provide dresses at that price, at the very least, she may use lace and material that is made in those conditions (like pretty much every single other item you will ever buy in your life), but I'm not sure. And at this point, I can't really care about that a lot, because unfortunately, I don't have enough money to buy a completely responsibly-sourced/produced wedding dress. 
  • When you get your dress can you follow up and send pictures if you have them?
  • I have emailed her twice within the week and she has responded quickly.
  • Yea, I think it will probably be done in February though, so it may be a while. 
  • Ladies, please come back and show us photos after you receive your dresses.  We get many new Knotties who are excited after ordering their dresses from a foreign on line site, but we seldom hear from them after they get the actual merchandise.  Would appreciate hearing about your experiences.
  • Yea the problem is remembering lol. At least for me. I forget everything :/
  • My only quibble is that the fabric shipped a while after it said it would, and I had to reach out to Mary for an explanation. She said it was her busy season, which I totally get. I would just suggest either adjusting the Etsy shipping time, if possible, or somehow communicating that up front which I don't think was done.
  • I just received my dress today! I ordered it like an inch big around the bodice on purpose, so it looks slightly weird in photos right now. I also ordered a removable satin sash, so it won't appear in all the photos. But it's beautiful! Nice applique and bead work, there's beautiful covered buttons to cover the zipper, and she sent extra buttons too. Please ignore all the crap in my room lol.
  • Sorry, I guess the photos never uploaded from my phone. Here they are!
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana
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    So glad you are happy with your dress!
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