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I really like the Botanical Gardens and the prices seem reasonable. Has anyone been to, has had or is having their wedding there? Also, how is Bartolotta's catering?

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    I didn't think the prices seemed reasonable at all!  Isn't it like a $2500 rental fee and a $12,000 minimum?  That's a lot in my opinion, but if your budget allows it--more power to you! : )
    It's a nice place, and Bartolotta's has a good reputation but they can be spendy.  One of my friends told me they charge something like a $3 per guest cake cutting fee!  Make sure you read ALL of the fine print! : )
    Good luck!
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    Thanks fo the heads up. I recieved a packet via email that there is a $500 fee and a $1000 minimum for the day and time that I want
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    I am working with Bartolottas right now...the cake cutting fee was waived when I asked for it to be...they have been really great with negotiating. I would love to hear more about what they are offering you at the Botanical Gardens...I loved that space but it was a little too small. Have fun with the planning.
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    My venue only uses Bartolotta's catering, and they have been very accomodating and very willing to negotiate so far.  They have a few restaurants around Milwaukee if you want to try them out before you decide to go with them.
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    I was at a Jan. 2 wedding at the domes.  I believe the bride said she did the ceremony and reception for about $5000.
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    I just toured the Botanical Gardens yesterday.  I spoke with Alyson (sp?) and she mentioned $2000 deposit for Saturday night, plus $10,500 food and beverage minimum, which is above and beyond the room fee.

    I believe for a Friday event, it was roughly half for the room fee, and the food and beverage minimum.

    We liked the venue, (it will be so beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall) but our concern is it's a little tricky to find (for out of town guests), and not really close to any hotels, which is important for us to be nearby.
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