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The cost of bridesmaid dresses

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Hello everyone,

My bridesmaids although all beautiful all have different body types and taste. I actually managed to find a gown that everyone loves. However, I was wondering is $160 too much to ask for?


Re: The cost of bridesmaid dresses

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    Did you talk to your bm's individually about their budgets and what they would be comfortable spending?  That's typically what we recommend on the main boards...  get a feel for what everyone is comfortable spending.  Then, take the lowest price point you're given, and find dresses in that range.  

    All in all, $160 for NJ doesn't sound that bad- but talk to your ladies first to avoid any hard feelings :)  
  • I think $160 is completely reasonable. I'd send out the dress to everyone and say something along the lines of, I hope this is within everyone's budget. If anyone has a problem though, please talk to me! It's very hard to find something under $150, so I think you did a great job at $160.
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