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spockforprezspockforprez Virginia
500 Love Its 1000 Comments Third Anniversary Name Dropper
Hey everyone, it's been so long since I signed in but I just wanted to give a brief update about my H for those who were around back then. It's been just over 2 years since the accident and he went back to work a couple weeks ago. He's really excited and it seems to be going well so far. He walks really well now and enjoys doing as much stuff on his own as he can, which is a LOT, including changing the oil on our cars! Unfortunately his paralyzed arm never really recovered even after the nerve surgery, but it's still doing well with no additional blood flow issues so we don't plan to amputate it unless that becomes necessary. 2017 was the year we dealt with most of the legal and financial issues related to the accident and it was pretty tough but we made it and we're happy to be mostly done with the bureaucratic crap now. Overall, we are doing really, really well! 

I browsed around CC for a bit and I still see a lot of familiar names so I wanted to thank you guys for being there for me when H got hurt. Looking back over my posts I really used this forum as an outlet for all of my anxiety and it means a lot that total strangers were willing to listen and support me! Thank you all so much.

Hard to believe I've been an OMH for almost 2 years now! Time flies. :) Take care!!!
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Re: Hello!

  • So glad to see your update!!
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers
    Great to hear from you and so glad to hear things are looking so good. Continue to check in with us!
  • Wow, so good to "see" you again. Glad things are going well and that you've made it through a lot of the legal/financial/bureaucratic parts of the accident. How's everything else going? 
  • ShesSoColdShesSoCold bend over and I'll show ya
    Moderator 5000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its

    Ya know, I just came back here after being "gone" over a year and you and your H were the first people I thought of.

    I'm so glad you're both doing well. It's really incredible and admirable how well you both are getting through this. I know I don't know you well (or at all, really) but with what you told us here, even on bad days, you and your H are both incredibly strong people.

    Thanks for the update.

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  • holyguacamole79holyguacamole79 a taco truck in Houston
    5000 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary 5 Answers

    Heyyyyyy spock!  It's good to hear from you!  And I'm so happy to hear that your husband is continuing to improve.

    Anything else new?  How's work for you?
  • Hi! So glad to hear from you and I am glad you are doing well! Thank you for the update - are you back for good (I hope!!!)? 
  • Thank you for the update Spock! So glad to hear things are going well and your H is back at work. How is everything else?
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its Third Anniversary First Answer
    thanks for the update.  Ironically enough I was just thinking about you and the hubs awhile ago. Glad to see everything's ok!

  • @spockforprez, good to hear from you and thanks for the update!  I'm glad to hear your H is back to work and has been doing so well.

    I've thought about you all from time to time and was wondering how things had been going.

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  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut
    Moderator Ninth Anniversary 5000 Comments 500 Love Its
    I was thinking about you and your H this past week. Thank you for the update. I'm so happy that the two of you are doing so well and your h is amazing!
  • I’m so glad to hear your news!  Especially that the legal stuff is behind you that must’ve been difficult.
    You and your H are both so strong...thank you for the update!
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake
    5000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its First Answer
    Thanks for the update! I've thought of you over the years and am glad to know you're both doing well. How the time flies! 

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs
    Ninth Anniversary 5000 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    I truly was JUST thinking about you! 

    What an awesome way to make a "return"!  So glad to know that you are both well and that your relationship is one of inspiration and admiration! 
  • I was actually wondering how you two were doing the other day!  Great to read a positive update. 

  • I'm still here!  I was thinking about you yesterday!  Thank you for updating us.  You are a very special lady!
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey
    Eighth Anniversary 5000 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    Such a great update!  Glad that DH is doing so well!
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North
    Tenth Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    Welcome back!  Glad to hear things are on the up with both of you.  2 years!!  You're almost ready for a do-over!!  ;)
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  • Welcome back! I’m glad that things are going well. I’m always amazed at how fast time flies. 
  • I know I'm not one of the regs but I'm glad you guys are doing well!  I can't believe it's been two years, I remember this happening to him like it wasn't that long ago.
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