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Inverness, Scotland Honeymoon

FI and I are traveling to Inverness for our honeymoon at the beginning of May. Travel time aside, we will have 4 & 1/2 days. We have a 12 hr - day tour booked to see the Isle of Skye, Eileen Donan Castle and Loch Ness. We also are planning one day to see the Battle of Culloden and Clava Cairns. We plan to take the city bus to and from Culloden (walking to and from Clava Cairns from Culloden). 

We chose to stay at the Columba hotel based on it's proximity to everything. The other two days, we basically want to explore the city. We plan to visit a kilt shop for FI, the art museum, St. Andrew's Cathedral and Leakey's Bookshop. 

Is there anything else in the city that we don't have on our list? We're open to anything within a short bus ride or taxi. Restaurant suggestions? 

I've already gotten some comments from well-meaning co-workers that if we are traveling overseas, we need more time. However, it just doesn't fit our budget or vacation time since we are leaving the day after our wedding. Both FI and I have never left the US so any amount of time overseas is just going to be awesome. Plus we plan to visit again and probably will base somewhere else. Inverness just fit our budget/time this time. 

Thank you for any suggestions! 

Re: Inverness, Scotland Honeymoon

  • I should also say we don't want to be jam packed which is why 2 days is open to just exploring the city. Our first half day, we just hope to get acclimated. It's also a Sunday and it looks like a lot of places close on Sundays. I just hope we have enough to fill the time. 
  • H and I often go across the pond for an extended weekend so I don’t really see an issue with the amount of time. Speyside is near Inverness and is renowned for Scotch (especially non peated). I would recommend going to check out some distilleries for an afternoon. 
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