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When to ask the question?

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We are six months out and my fiancé still hasn’t asked his bro’s (friends) the question. 

I’m afraid that he won’t give them a decent amount of time to save for that (if they need too). 

Am I over exaggerating or this is something I should stress to him about? I already have my 6 girls.

Re: When to ask the question?

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    Your fi should ask his gm, when he is absolutely sure of who he wants in his wp. There is no requirement that you each have the same number of attendants. 

    They shouldn't have to save up for your wedding. Your fi should ask each gm, privately, for his attire budget and he should choose something within the lowest range. The only other thing they are required to pay for is their travel expenses, if there are any. 
  • Thanks ladies.
  • Grown man. He deals with it or not. Not your job to manage. 
  • Grown man. He deals with it or not. Not your job to manage. 
    He's still got time, but also kind of this too.  My H only had his dad and brother as his GM and they all already had the same suit, but he dragged his feet on getting the ties he wanted everyone to wear. I think we were like a month out before he finally picked something, and by that point I could not have cared less.

    The bigger concern may be just making sure they all can attend. Six months from now is holiday-ish time; am I doing that math right? That time of year is busy for a lot of people, so while he can drag his feet on their attire (everyone in black suits is totally fine and can be a last minute thing!), the time factor may be a bigger issue. I feel like that may be an acceptable reason to push him along. Not everyone thinks about scheduling things the same way; my H does not comprehend at all and I have to keep us on track calendar-wise. If that's him, he may just need a little heads up.
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