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Ringbearer Suits?

Hello all!
I am not a bride, but I am the ringbearers' mom. Here's the situation. The bride and groom picked out a Navy Suit from Men's Warehouse.  My sons are a size 2T and 5T. The Suit chosen only comes in a 5T and not a 2T. I had no idea how hard it would be to match a navy suit, but it has not been a cake walk for sure. It is a very dark Navy almost black.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I think I would need to get both of them in the same suit so at least they match each other. I did buy one off amazon but the color was much more of a blue navy instead of this black navy. I didn't realize this until I went into the store today to try and match it up. Do I buy black ones? or try to find a dark dark dark Navy?

Any help would be great. 

Re: Ringbearer Suits?

  • As cute as little boys in suits are, I would second the advice to not worry about getting them one. Navy pants, white shirt, tie & even suspenders if you want and the boys will look adorable (and maybe be able to use part of that outfit again!). 
  • I would talk to the bride - explain the situation that Men's Warehouse does not carry the necessary sizes and you literally can only find close in both sizes, but not exact anywhere, and what shade would she prefer you to match the two boys in navy or black? (please do not offer cream/white suits to order online - it's a parents nightmare especially since you said the magic words 2T and 5T because you literally will be dressing them 30 seconds before they walk down the aisle if you want those suits to stay that color)...  

    Those are tough sizes because literally the only place I was able to find suits to fit my little guy when he was that size was Walmart and Target during Christmas/Easter seasons and even then only suit vests never a jacket.  
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  • I would talk to the bride and look for somewhere you can get matching suits.
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