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Wedding Dress Dilemma

I got my wedding dress online at JJshouse. I will be including an image of me in the dress plus the wrap I'm intending to buy for it. I've always wanted a red wedding dress and was set on it, but I had changed my mind last minute. I just recently found a red ball gown that I adore. The problem is I have no idea if a ball gown would be appropriate for time and occasion of the wedding.

Background details of wedding: My wedding will be in Las Vegas at the Chapel Of The Flowers (an image in the collage will show what the ceremony venue looks like). My wedding will be at 11:30AM.

My wedding bouquet is white roses and sunflowers and my wedding dress is ivory.


Please be kind. I'm a short plus size bride (think plus size apple body type) and I've been back and forth between loving and also hating myself in my wedding dress. I don't know if it's just my insecurities and half the time thinking I look like a sausage.

Here's the burgundy ballgown dress. I'm getting in contact with the seller to if the ballgown could be made ankle or tea length to make it less than formal. However, my wedding dress has a train so in a way it is still formal.

Other interesting details: my fiance's favorite color is red (same as me). The dress actually posted for availability on his birthday on the 17th of this month. I'm huge on *signs*.

Any advice of which would be best would be great of preference and appropriate attire for late morning wedding.

Re: Wedding Dress Dilemma

  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    There is no rule about what color you wear as your wedding dress.  Red is fine!  The only exception to this rule is that you shouldn't wear anything that resembles mourning or funeral wear, and red doesn't suggest that at all.  Wear what pleases you!

    As I recall from your earlier posts, your wedding celebrations will extend into the evening.
  • Go for the red dress. It's gorgeous, and you'll feel fabulous in it. 
  • I think the white dress looks great on you but if you love the red go for it!
  • You look glamorous in the white dress!  But if you love the Red go for it :) 
  • Wear what you love! I think you look lovely in the white, but if you love the red go with that. 
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    Wear whatever you want! Who cares what time of day it is. I got married at noon and I wore a fancy dress. 

  • I wore a ballgown for my 10:30am wedding, and it was a great choice.  I agree - if you can't wear the dress you want to wear on your wedding day, when will you?  I had so much fun in mine : )
  • with the white dress, have it steamed out or DIY this (look up the "how to" - it can be done, just need patience)...  That'll change the look and character of the dress (i.e. you'll look even more amazing than you already do!)..  Next - if you want the red dress - go get the red dress!
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  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    You look lovely in the traditional wedding dress, but that burgundy dress is splendid.  I think you should go for it. 
  • I second getting the white dress steamed if you decide to keep it; personally, I'm not a fan of that style as it looks wrinkly even when it's not, but that's just me.  I also feel that, as a fellow short person (5'0"), the white dress does nothing to help you with any sort of shape or length.  The burgundy ballgown, however, has that beautiful detailing up top and will divide your body into upper body/waist/lower body, and I think that will alleviate some of your self-consciousness about height.  The burgundy will go well with your bouquet as well, I don't see it clashing at all. 
  • Go for the red dress!
  • I love love that red dress. If you pick it please show us a picture. I am sure you will look beautiful in it. 
  • Thank you again for the encouragement with the red dress. I actually decided to stick with my ivory wedding dress, but I added a couple more elements such as a white floral tunic and an ivory wrap (not the one I originally was going to get) to become more comfortable.

    Plus the ivory dress is taffeta and it's better suited for warmer weather. I sweat like there's no tomorrow. Not all the elements are not in yet (but purchased), but below is what I'm planning to wear.

  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    I love your creativity and the fact that you made something unique!

  • Just wanted to say OP - YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!  This is truly the way to instead of letting it ruin the day, fixing it and getting "The dress" (and SO SMART on the straps because being plus size myself - the last thing I wanted to do was be yanking at the dress with everyone SWORE I wouldn't do if it was altered properly, and yep, by 12 hours in to wearing it, yep, gravity won!)...  
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  • I love the after pictures. What a great modification. It actually looks even better than the before. 
  • Love how you altered it looks great
  • Thank you so much everyone for following my journey. I just finished a week or so ago and I have to say it has been one of the best ideas I’ve done. I really don’t have a picture to show what it fully looks like now, but I do have a video. It is on instagram on my personal account.

    Thank you so much again for your kind words.
  • The time of day rules are more for your guests to follow than for you. The bride can wear whatever she likes. Remember that the royals have early morning weddings with super formal attire, and no one bats an eye.
  • when you wear something you're proud of, you'll always look amazing in it no matter what size you are in. furthermore, it's your wedding! make the best out of it!
  • It came out so pretty
  • Actual pictures of the wedding dress on my wedding day. Thank you so much for the kind words again and the encouragement. 
  • I hope you had a wonderful day and amazing life together!
  • You’re so beautiful! The dress is lovely and you two look so happy and in love in that picture! 🤗
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