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Can’t decide on theme, can I do both?!

So I really love the idea of doing a Disney Up inspired wedding, but I also love the color rose gold for a theme. Can I combine the both or is that cheesy and I should stick with one? Any thought?! 

Re: Can’t decide on theme, can I do both?!

  • Agree with PP. Themes go over the top pretty quickly. It is a fine line between wedding and kids birthday party with themes. 
  • holyguacamole79holyguacamole79 a taco truck in Houston member
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    What exactly about "Up" are you looking to incorporate?  Balloons?  The dog?
  • "Up" seems like an odd choice for a wedding theme. I've usually seen it done for children's birthday parties, especially since most of the elements people recognize from the movie are fairly childish (the balloons and the dog). It may get over the top pretty quickly. 

    Rose gold is a lovely color to incorporate into your wedding. It matches well with a number of color schemes, and often adds a little elegance. 
  • Thanks ladies! As far as Up I found a lot of Etsy things like an “our greatest adventure” wedding guest signature book, cake topper, etc. I think I’ll stick with rose gold! 
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Rose gold is a nice color. I'd stick to a color scheme rather than a "theme."

    Every wedding has a built-in theme: marriage. 
  • Stick with rose gold. You don't need a wedding theme. 

    I have no problem with incorporating something from a favorite Disney movie into a wedding, but making it the theme of the whole event could get very over-the-top and childish very quickly. I don't think most people would want that for their wedding.
  • agree with PP's.  the rose gold color sounds lovely and you could incorporate balloons in golds/pinks/etc into your decorating.  or even as a backdrop for a photo booth or wall if you're doing one. 
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