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How to word second reception invites

So hubs is from Lima Peru.  We were married here in USA and because of the cost/visa requirements, etc, none of his family was able to attend our wedding in 2014.  He also had years of immigration problems to sort out after our wedding, and he's finally able to travel back to Lima.  Now that he can leave the US, we want to have a second reception in Lima for his whole family, as I have never met any of them.  We do not want any gifts, and no one from the first wedding (with the exception of my Mom and Dad) will be in attendance for the reception in Lima.  I plan to wear a short dress with just the jewelry from our first wedding, no veil, no tuxes, no bridesmaids, etc.  My question is, how to I word the invites?  To make it twice as hard, the invitations will need to be in Spanish, but for now I just want to nail down the wording in English and worry about translating later.  Anyone here done something similar?

Re: How to word second reception invites

  • Ditto. You're having a party, not a wedding-anything. Your husband should have no problem helping you translate invitations for a dinner party/BBQ/family gathering in Spanish. If you're hosting the party, your contact info can be listed as the RSVP, and you're alright to add a deadline (especially if you're hiring caterers, etc). 
  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    At this point, it's far too late for a "meet the newlyweds" type of event. Is your anniversary going to be around the date of this party, because you could label it an anniversary party. Could you consider yourselves the hosts of a "family reunion?"

    I can't think of any other options. Other than those, you're in regular party territory as PPs suggest- BBQ, dinner party, etc. 

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    I agree that it makes more sense now to just have a party, perhaps an anniversary party. You've been married for some time, so it's too late for a "wedding reception."
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