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Las Vegas ideas

This is for work. My bosses- males, 42, family guys- have an afternoon to kill in Las Vegas.  I haven't been in 15 years, but they've asked me to come up with ideas for them.  Anyone have something?

Re: Las Vegas ideas

  • short+sassyshort+sassy member
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    edited September 2018

    I'm confused by the question.  They only have one free afternoon and they DON'T want to gamble, lol?

    But, seriously, here is some cool and unique stuff

    • There are beautiful, desert areas right outside the city.  Pretty sure there are tours that will take you out.  I know there are helicopter rides.
    • Hoover Dam is an amazing place to visit.  It's about 30 miles outside the city.
    • LV is one of the few places in the country where you can rent a machine gun and use it at that company's range.
    • There is also a company that has a huge expanse of land where you can rent construction equipment to play with.  Already set up with big piles of dirt to move, etc.
    • There are a lot of small, "niche" museums.  For example, I know there is one for pinball.  Liberace.  Debbie Reynolds.
    • Stratosphere Hotel is one of the highest buildings in town.  It has an indoor observation deck and a roller coaster on top.
    Honestly, though, one of my favorite things to do in Vegas (other than gambling, lol) is to walk down the Strip and take in the sights.  Every major hotel is like it's own kingdom with a theme.  There is no place else like that.  Plus, there are some shopping areas along the way.  For example, a Times Square-esque huge M&M candy store.
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  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    So, when I go to Vegas, I sleep during the day and stay awake at night :)

    But seriously....I always wanted to do Madame Tussauds wax museum.  The Mirage has the aquarium I think?   And I *think* there are some afternoon comedy shows.

  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Oh man...there's so much to do in Vegas. A show would be great. Ka is wonderful. O at the Bellagio is good, but more of a "family show," as far as the Cirque shows go. I'd probably avoid Zumanity with work colleagues. I've heard the Beatles and Michael Jackson shows are good too. FI has always wanted to see Absinthe, which is a magic show. 

    There's like...a million amazing places to eat. Can't go wrong there. Literally my favorite part of Vegas.

    Walking the strip is always fun, and just stopping wherever strikes your fancy. The Bellagio always has great decorations.  

    There's stuff like ziplining (there's one from Rio [I think?]) and also on Fremont street. Hiking is nearby in Red Rock Canyon, but I don't think they'll have time with just an afternoon. 

    Obviously there's gambling. lol.

    Honestly, if it's *just* an afternoon, walking the strip and eating somewhere fantastic might be your best bet. If there's more time I would throw in a show. 

  • afternoon comedy show would be fun. Maybe give them times for the Bellagio fountain shows and the Volcano/Fire show at the Mirage. Gondola rides and walking around the Venetian would be nice too. Absinthe and Zumanity I would stay away from for sure, very X rated and I wouldn't want to do that with colleagues. I vote a nice lunch somewhere and walking around the middle strip area - to me that means, Bellagio fountains, animal sanctuary across the street at the Flamingo, Gondola ride or wandering the indoor canal at the Venetian, and then a cocktail at the lobby bar at Caesars.
  • I won’t be with them. Boss is not a wonder and see the sites guy. He’s there pretty frequently with his famil. I’ll have to look up the big equipment thing, zip line, and machine gun. Then toss out a show idea. 
  • There's also a place just outside of the city called the Neon Museum where you can see all the old Las Vegas signs. I have always wanted to go, but picture online look so cool. It's outdoors and really interesting.
  • Vegas is my favorite place.

    I second the Neon Museum and afterwards they can hit downtown. Gambling is much better there - try The D and Golden Gate.

    The PBR bar outside Planet Hollywood has good food, drink specials and a bull. That was fun. 

    The High Roller wheel is very cool. I loved that. 

    We mostly love just walking the strip, grabbing a drink here or there, playing in different casinos. 

    The wax museum and the aquarium are underwhelming.
  • My friend Kevin's show!  Actually - that's a good thing is have them look at the entertainment schedule and schedule a show or two...  Go zip-lining over Fremont Street...  Go Bowling at the Orleans...  Pawn shopping is always fun...  
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