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Middle Class Venue

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I am slowly starting to lose my mind, just say screw it and elope. My hope for a rustic wedding has come to a crashing hault when every venue in RI wants to charge 3k+ just for the venue space and this not including the catering bill for 130 people. 

I want to stay under 10k for everything. I just don’t understand how people can afford weddings. I am literally mind blown after a two month search of disappointment. I can’t justify the price vs the time allotted. 

Country clubs arent us. Fancy/formal isn’t us either. I want a more upscale BBQ/pig roast and not a complete white trash affair but for everyone to be comfortable and have a great time. Feeling like this is to much to ask. Please help! 

Re: Middle Class Venue

  • This is the style of wedding we are going for as well. However, we are doing ours in June, which is in the middle of "wedding" season. For cheaper venue costs, I recommend moving the date to "off season" when vendors lower their prices like August-December. Our rustic barn venue cost us $5100 not including catering. Also, consider cutting back the guest list or other things that aren't as important to you both. Our overall budget is $12,000. We know we are spending most of that on the venue and food, so we are cutting back on decorations and cake costs by doing cupcakes for the guests and having a one tier cake for my partner and I. There are little ways to cut costs and still achieve a $10,000 wedding budget. The venue and catering will almost always be the most expensive part of the wedding. 
  • Also, I wanted to elope at first too, so you're not alone. 
  • How about Bittersweet Farms in Westport, MA?  A rustic feel, great food, outdoor gazebo for your ceremony.
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