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Jean shopping was an epic fail yesterday.  I can't figure out European sizing.  Half of them have the ripped crap I don't want or some weird fading. If I could find some to try on they were either too big in the waist, too small in the calves, or just plain weird.  I wish I liked leggings more.

Otherwise SSDD.

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    Ugh, 6, that sucks. If you're anything like me, for some reason not being able to find clothes is super disheartening. 

    I'm having a hard time finding shoes. I need flat(ish) black shoes for work in the winter. There's too much slush to wear the ballet flats I have and everything I find is either a heel or looks like my grandma would wear them. I might have to just suck it up and buy nurse Danskos. 

    Have I bitched to you guys about my weight loss? I lost 20ish pounds about 2 years ago, in the first 6 months. Since then, I've been fighting with these last 5 pounds. This month, I lost 4 pounds. This is the most I've lost - TOTAL - since like February. The only thing I've done differently? I haven't worked out. I am so pissed. I bust my ass for 2 1/2 years and I lose when I stop working out?! WTF?! But I KNOW I need to get back to it. It's hard though, when you see scale progress without it!
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  • I have to look every time at European sizing.  I can never remember the conversion.   

    It's icy AF out there today.  It is supposed to be sunny, so hopefully it melts off.  I guess there's a gas main leak/break in front of the office and a 25 car pile-up down the street a mile or two away from there as well.  It's also a busy area in general, so I'm sure traffic is a clusterfuck of epic proportions.  Yay for telecommuting.  ;)

    We're debating our Saturday night plans.  We've been invited to two parties and they're not far from each other.  We might try to go to both.  

    Definitely SSDD otherwise.  Prudie day and one day away from the weekend.  :D 
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    European sizing is the worst. I've actually had luck lately with BR jeans, which I hated in the past. 

    We have the funeral today for the owner, so it will be a tough day. Most employees are going, and we're leaving just a skeleton crew to answer the phones. 

    I have so much shit to do this weekend, and I'm not looking forward to it. I have a hair appt to get my roots touched up, I have to get my nails done since I didn't go last weekend. I have to put the tree up. And then Sunday we have my H's sailing team's awards luncheon, which is always insanely boring. 

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    It’s supposed to rain all day today. FI is taking my car to work since his temporary plates expired and he’s still waiting on the official DMV one. I do have somewhere to go so I’ll probably end up Ubering there. I have one more week of school left and I can’t wait for it to be over. Yay Prudie day! 

  • I'm sorry @6fsn.   Once you find a denim manufacturer that works for you it's GOLD.   Thus far I've been happy w/ J.Crew and J.Crew Factory and I kind of like their high rise skinnies that don't slip.   I cannot tuck shirts in so I wear them with shirts/sweaters that don't get tucked but the advantage is no belt and no exposed crack. 

    Weekend is shaping up to be busy.   I'm scrapping the idea of a birthday party for DD's friends Saturday and will make it the 15th.   That gives me Saturday to put together baked ziti, spaghetti squash for the carb watchers, salad and cake for our family.   Sunday we'll clean up and then DH and I pack up the kids, send them to the ILs and we go see DMB!  I'm a 14 year old stuck in 1995 but I still love him.
  • T+P's for your company, co-workers, and you @climbingwife.  
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    Thinking of you @climbingwife, and all your co-workers today.

    We got an inch of slippery snow yesterday afternoon and there were accidents everywhere.  Expecting 4-8" on Saturday.  'Tis the season I guess.  
  • @mrsconn23 I commute through the general Castleton/Fishers/Carmel area and traffic was crazy. I sometimes go through 96th/Allisonville where the huge pile up was but went a different way today thankfully. Most main roads in the area were super backed up even before the pile up so I think then it was just a major chain reaction. Fortunately I didn't actually have any slick roads except maybe one bridge but traffic was so slow it didn't matter. 
  • Sending good vibes @climbingwife, I can’t imagine how the whole office feels.  
    I can’t deal with European sizing either.  Or jeans with no room for hips.  
    Normal day at work.  Last night and again tonight I’m busy with wrapping books.  The kids and I do 25 Days of Christmas Books- each morning in December they unwrap a book and we read it with our other breakfast books.  Wrapping them means I’m surprised too when they’re opened lol.  I don’t really like wrapping so I spread it out.  SSDD otherwise.
  • @kvruns, work used the alert system to send out a message about the traffic issues.  It's really bad when they do that.  ;) 
  • @6fsn, I was recently shopping for jeans myself.  I'm also plus-sized, so that already drastically limits the choices.  Just like yourself, almost everything I was finding had the ripped holes...I don't like that look (for myself)...or were the skinny/super skinny style.  Usually it was both (eye roll).  I have always had disproportionately large calves compared to whatever size I wear, even back in my size 3 days.  So "skinny" jeans do NOT work for me.  Sadly, neither do boots for the same reason (sniff, sniff).

    @climbingwife, Ts and Ps for yourself and your coworkers.

    Not much going on for me today.  My H and I need to pick up kitchen cabinets at Home Depot for our rental reno, either tonight or tomorrow.  I have a $30 off $300 coupon that expires tomorrow.  Which I need to coordinate with a Walmart pick-up for a couple items and prescriptions, because the stores are somewhat near each other.  I know it's all very exciting, lol.

    My coworker and I were complaining yesterday that our workplace YET AGAIN did not have a Christmas party <<scrunchy, frowny face>>.  They used to throw great ones, but this is the third year in a row they haven't had one.  Three years ago, they had a really bad year so it was understandable they didn't throw one.  Last year, hmmm...maybe they are still recovering from the bad year.  However, this year (side-eye)?  It seems like things have been fine for quite awhile.   Oh well!

    I might just plan a fancy dinner out with my H.  Just as an excuse to get gussied up and wear a cocktail dress, lol.

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    yeah, a lot of the websites are using European sizing and i always have to google the conversion. The mat in front of my house is super slippery.  I will have to get some salt to put on that because I don't think sun ever hits that.
    Thinking of you and your coworkers too, @climbingwife.  I remember at my old job, the owner passed away right after he retired.  Like had maybe 6 months of retirement?  We all went and the office was basically skeleton that day too. *hugs*

    I had a retalk yesterday.  The surgeon spent another 1.5 hours with me but what I didn't know was I had to get a tummy tuck (if I want one - and i do) first then implants because the TT pulls it down so much.  I haven't called her yet, but I'm planning to do both at the same time - but now the price has doubled and I can't do it this year :(  womp. womp. 

    In other news, our garbage day pick up must still be backed up from the holiday so no one picked it up yesterday. I think our whole street thought they would too. Which works out for me since I forgot to unload all the thanksgiving leftovers into the trash yesterday so I was able to add that to this week's pick up. I hate throwing out good food - but I just couldn't finish them on my own!

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    Thanks all <3 

  • Hugs for you & your coworkers, @climbingwife

    We are picking out our Christmas card tonight. I created 14 different options to choose from with two of Babypants' school pics, and I also have an episode of The Good Doctor waiting for me on the DVR, so that should be a fun evening. 
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