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Having Trouble editing the detail page

I am having trouble editing the detail page of my Wedding Website.  I can edit every single page, except for the detail page.  Whenever I add text to the detail page, the save button is not operable.  Is anyone else having this problem, and can you offer any advice.

I have contacted the Knot; however, they have not yet responded.   This couldn't happen at a worse time, as our invites went out on Saturday. Guests will start receiving them tomorrow.

Re: Having Trouble editing the detail page

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    Ugh, I'm sorry. My advice was to contact TK in any other way, as no one pays any attention to these boards anymore. I'd keep pushing for a response elsewhere or even social media. It's a pretty slim chance that anyone at TK will even see this, unfortunately. 

    Sorry! I wish we could help!
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