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Gratuity and admin fee at the Liberty House venue


I am holding my wedding reception at the Liberty House and was wondering if anybody can share their experience with them regarding the gratuity for each personnel. 
They charge 22% “administrative fee” and $250 maitre D fee, which are all taxable. I know a lot of the venues charge the administrative fee as the gratuity but Liberty House specifically states that it is not a gratuity for their staff. Does this mean I would have to tip the staff on top of the 22% admin fee? It just seems ridiculous.
Did anybody have similar situations with their venues or has worked with the Liberty House and can share/provide any advices? 
Also, if I must tip in addition to the admin fee, how much would be adequate? Please help! 

Re: Gratuity and admin fee at the Liberty House venue

  • Hi! I'm also getting married at the Liberty House this year. I asked my Wedding Coordinator about this prior to booking and she said the Admin Fee is to cover the $11 hourly rate for the servers so they don't work off tip. It would be up to your discretion if you'd like to add a tip on top of that. Hope this helps! 
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