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DJ vs. recruiting friend?

Okay, so we are torn between recruiting a friend to DJ or hiring a DJ. We are on a tight budget and our venue would charge an additional $200 to have a professional DJ there. We are on a tight budget and would rather avoid that absurd fee if possible. 

That said, we also don't want this friend to feel left out at the wedding. We would of course ask and make sure he is comfortable with it (but he is a very jovial, outgoing guy and might enjoy the role), but we're still not sure. We would offer compensation and give a gift as well. And we already have music picked out, so there wouldn't be additional responsibility beyond announcing dances and keeping the music going according to plan. 

Has anyone had a friend DJ? Did it go okay or would you advise against it?

We're just worried because we don't think we can afford a $200 fee on top of what the DJ charges. 

Thanks for any input you can provide!

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  • I would assume your venue is going to charge that $200 fee, for anyone who comes in with DJ equipment.  Even if they are a friend who is not a professional DJ.

    I agree with @charlotte989875 that setting up an iPod would save a ton of money, especially considering the $200 fee.  That's what I did for my reception though, to be fair, it was just for background music.  We didn't have dancing.

    I also agree with not hiring a friend.  They might feel pressured to agree, even if they'd prefer being a guest.  Plus, if you all end up being dissatisfied with the service he provides, it could lead to resentment.
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