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Brunch wedding

Hi all, 

My fiance and I are planning a brunch/lunch wedding and reception. I would like to indicate this on the save the dates so transportation/hotel/childcare issues have plenty of heads up.

How would I word that? Or would I wait for the official invitations?

Thank you!

Re: Brunch wedding

  • I would word the time of your wedding on the STDs along with the time the reception begins and the location.   It doesn't need to be a full fledged invitation but by telling guests the time of the event that tells them if they may need to make hotel reservations for the night before vs. the night after. 

    Then on the official invitations you wouldn't actually say "brunch" but you'd state the time of the reception.   If guests don't need to pick a meal then simply write the time on the invitation or reception card that the reception begins. 
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