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We had a fun night last night.  I picked up DD and we had a quick dinner at home.  We took care of the dogs and then we headed out to the playground.  I promised DD if she was good and listened.  There were some additional negotiations when she didn't want to wear a jacket!  But when no jacket, no playground hit her little noggin, she figured it out pretty quick!

Not much today.  I got my billing in and will head out to Wegmans at lunch.  Oh and I decorated for fall outside this morning, just in time for our 90 degree day tomorrow...

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    83 is our high today - but I think we’re getting rain tonight & tomorrow.  I have to figure out when to pull my halloween deco’s out. Maybe on Sunday. 

  • September ended. It’s now October. And 80+degrees in Buffalo. 

    Im in a day long training on coaching, feedback, & recognition. It’s a lot of talking to strangers and sharing. I’m exhausted already. 
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    It's 93 here. And humid. It should be against the law to still be this hot after October 1. I'm way too excited for the predicted highs in the 80's next week. 

    Otherwise, SSDD. It's month end, so I'm doing endless reports. Hoping to finish up in time to take the pup to the dog park. Has Trump been impeached yet? 
  • It's getting hot by me tomorrow too...yuck!  
    DD has bronchitis, yuck again.  Yesterday and today we've been laying lower than I'd even planned.  Girl better be up to going to school tomorrow *fingers crossed*
  • They were calling for a humid day, so I was like "cool, I'll wear a skirt I haven't worn much this summer" .... and obv it's cool out. Luckily it was raining too, so I have boots to cover my legs a bit.
    I feel bad because I didn't send a sweater for BabyKitten. I mean she has one there, but still. Tbh they were likely going to stay inside due to the rain/storms today.

    I have a dentist appt. I despise dentist appts. At least I should be getting it sorted from my pregnancy dental issues.

    {note - anyone currently pregnant or soon to be .... look into extra calcium! You get highly deficient in pregnancy and can/will ruin your teeth, just a matter of how bad - if we have another kid, I'll be doing calcium chews or something}
  • I'm training a new person today to be a back-up for me on my steel work.  It will be great!  But is exhausting in the interim.  I've been talking about and describing what I'm doing all morning!  My trainee seems nice and is pretty sharp, so the training isn't nearly as torturous as it could be, lol.  

    I'm just tired all around, stressed out, and haven't been in a good mood for a few days because of it.  But, oh well!  I just keep telling myself, "This too, shall pass."

    I'd be more excited it was October if it wasn't still summer weather.  All the commercials and ads with people in cozy sweaters amongst fall colored leaves are pi**ing me off, lol.  Though it sounds like from some of you all, that things further north aren't much better yet either.
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    kvruns said:
    A few pictures from our trip
    Shut.  Up. 

    These are too cute for words!  I need to get my bro/SIL those shirts! Where did you het them?

  • thanks! We made them (and by we I mean my DH). The front of each shirt was the same white mouse graphic that is on baby B's and then the backs were different - his says "Best Day Ever" I know it is hard to read in the pic. If you know someone with a cricut/silhouette vinyl machine I think they are pretty easy (though I don't recommend the white on red it showed through a bit)
  • @kvruns wow, adorable pics!
    @missJeanLouise smart! I made my kids' smash cakes too...I used a giant cupcake cake pan and just frosted in a boring way...the kids loved smashing them and inexpensive :) 
  • @kvruns, Those shirts were adorable!  Looks like you all had a great time!

    I just spoke to my H and the roofers are already done!  Totally new roof on one duplex and some repairs on the other duplex.  They started Mon. morning and were done by the early afternoon today.  My H said one of the reasons they got it done so fast is they had about 6 people working the whole time.

    Very excited!  But now I need to come up with the remaining $7700 balance (groan).  I also need to round up and get the paperwork ready for my first draw request on the rehab portion of my loan.  I'll feel a lot better to get that big check and fight down my escalating 'cc balances!
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  • I called off work today because the kid said she was sick.
    She fibbed
    I fell for it though, beause I still feel like shit a week+ later.  argle.
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