How to involve siblings in the wedding ceremony

My fiance has 5 sisters and 1 brother and I have 1 brother. Although I wanted them in the wedding party, it wasn't really possible with that many. I'm looking for ways to incorporate them into the ceremony (in a Catholic church). There's only 2 readings so wouldn't really cover it. Candle lighting is not allowed in the church which is what I originally was going to do. Looking for any ideas!! TIA! :)

Re: How to involve siblings in the wedding ceremony

  • If you want them in the WP - have them in the WP!  Abandon the idea of "even" sides and the like.  Let them choose their attire instead of mandating it (Give them a color and formal level) .  Of that number - how many are in the WP currently?  Next, ushers is a possibility..  Walking your Mom in..
  • The only "roles" are wedding party or readers.  Siblings, just because they're siblings, don't need to be either.  Being a VIP guest is great also.  

    You and your FI get to choose your own WP, respectively.  Genders and numbers shouldn't matter.  If he wants to ask his sisters to be in his WP and you want to ask your brother to be in yours, then do that.  If neither of you all want to do that, that's fine also.
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