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Early Thursday

Morning everyone!  I have professional development today and it doesn't start until 9.  Still dropped the kids at early morning dropoff.  Why break their routine?  Plus I've been having a week and wanted some quiet house time. 
The kids' school does movie nights where we have a movie theater to ourselves...tonight it's Frozen 2.  I'm excited :)  what does everyone else have on tap?

Re: Early Thursday

  • I am on my way to work.

    DH something planned for Saturday. It's a I'm sorry grand gesture surprise for <pause for dramatic affect> shaving the baby's head. I can't even describe how pissed I was. I don't even want whatever he has planned, it seems like a waste of money, not to mention time I should be spending prepping for Thanksgiving, and the sincere apology was enough for me. But I get the feeling that this is important to him, and I don't want to tell him to skip it. 

    We finally got our passport and visa issue sorted. Now we just have to renew our lease. It's never ending fun in the desert *eye roll*
  • @missJeanLouise why did he shave the baby's head???

    Today is my Friday! 

    Going food shopping for Tday bright and early tomorrow. Then will spend the rest of the day cleaning the house from top to bottom. Will be doing the same on Saturday. Saturday night we have a friend's 50th birthday party. 
  • Happy early birthday @cupcait927

    Also,  WTF @missjeanlouise, who does that  ?!
  • Morning.  :) 

    Almost Friday.  Prudie day.  Yay! 

    We watched Iliza Schlesinger's new comedy special on Netflix and it's hysterical.  She's coming in March and we talked about getting tickets.   

    SSDD for the most part otherwise. 
  • @missJeanLouise WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK DUDE!!! Why did he shave it!? I mean, points for trying to fix what he know he did but still *headdesk*

    Happy birthday @cupcait927 enjoy your massage! :)

    I'm debating on taking a personal day tomorrow because I've just been dragging this week. I've felt off and on nauseated for a few days and picked up gravol. M made casserole last night that just gave me pregnancy vibes because he made a great casserole for Valentines when I was pregnant and made it so I wouldn't feel sick.
    BabyKitten loved last night's dinner also, which is always a bonus. Some days she wants to use the fork, others she just ... meh about it? She did stab her cheek last night and I don't think it hurt, but she got irked and gave up on the fork for rest of dinner lmao
  • Omg @missJeanLouise. I would have been livid. I’m glad you got your visa/passports figured out. 

    @cupcait927 Happy early birthday! 

    SSDD here for me. Trying to work up motivation to go to the gym. 

  • mrsconn23 said:
    Morning.  :) 

    Almost Friday.  Prudie day.  Yay! 

    We watched Iliza Schlesinger's new comedy special on Netflix and it's hysterical.  She's coming in March and we talked about getting tickets.   

    SSDD for the most part otherwise. 
    Do it! We saw her a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic. I'm going to watch the new special this weekend.
  • It's been a crazy week, but I'm back to WFH today and getting myself caught up. It took me 3 hours to get through my email box. Nothing much else exciting. The puppy graduates from her 6 week training school tonight, assuming she is able to pass the final exam. (Sit, stay, heel and down.) I need to practice with her on lunch. 

    I just got caught up on the Wednesday post, and now I want to talk about vacation. That may have been why I was slow to catch up at work, oops. My 40th is in February and I want to go somewhere, but I have no idea where. If we do driving distance my sister and fam will go with us, but I kind of want to fly somewhere warm. Decisions, decisions. 
  • edited November 2019
    I'm so irritated.  My firm is horrible at anything HR related.  We just got our new health insurance info today, with decisions due by the end of the week (so, tomorrow).  My premium has almost doubled and added $2K to my deductible for $5K total.  I can get a $3K deductible, but my premium would triple.  Basically, I'd spend an extra $1400 yearly to get a deductible lowered $2K, so it's not really worth it.  EXCEPT...our new HI kicks in Dec 1 for some ungodly reason.  I NEED GALLBLADDER SURGERY.  I don't lose any of the money spent for the year towards my deductible, but I'm going from a $3K to a $5K deductible.  I am going to throw myself on the mercy of this doctor and his clinic and plead for surgery next week or to get me to someone who can do it next week and fucking yay, Thanksgiving.  Otherwise, I'm just going to be shit out of luck and I'm so pissed at this firm for doing this same bullshit year, after year, after year.

    Other than that, SSDD.  I'm really tired today; I think K being out of town and dealing with the kind of "I don't feel 100%" is starting to wear me out.  I'm ready for Friday.

  • Damn. That all sucks Varuna. Health insurance is this country is so effed. 
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