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My husband and I created photo books for both sets of parents for Christmas. Since creating them, my sister has had a huge fallout with my parents. She now wants nothing to do with anyone in our family. She has told my parents she hates them and doesn't want them to be part of her life anymore. My parents are crushed by this. She has also decided she wants nothing to do with me and my brother because we still talk to our parents. She has deleted everyone on Facebook with the exception of my husband, his brother and his brother's wife. Her fiance has also blocked everyone on Facebook. She got engaged without telling anyone a few days after the fallout. My dad has tried reaching out to her to see how she is doing, but she just tells him to go to hell. My sister was the maid of honor in my wedding. She threatened numerous times throughout the process to drop out when she didn't get her way on things so it was truly a surprise she was even in the wedding at all. Prior to the fallout, she would only really talk to my parents when she wanted money or help so it shouldn't come be a surprise that she is acting this way. Anyways, the photo book has several photos of her in it including ones of her walking down the aisle, being introduced into the wedding, and etc. The thought of my sister causes my mom to break down crying because she is so upset by my sister's actions. My dad is also really hurt and both of my parents feel they raised her wrong. My sister is a middle child and has always had a really bad case of mild child syndrome. I am worried that both of my parents will be upset when I give them their gift, but I don't know what to do. I know she was apart of the wedding so I obviously can't undo that. I also know she will always be my parents child, but she has made it very clear she wants nothing further to do with anyone in our family. I don't know if my best option would be just to give them the photo book filled with photos of her or to create a new one that has less photos of her. She isn't in really any of the reception photos because she left the reception for over an hour and no one could find her. It turned out she was with my husband's cousin who has a long history of drug use and he was very high/drunk at our wedding before the reception even started so I can only imagine what they were doing during our reception. Any advice?

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  • I'd give your parents the book.   Try not to do something that edits out the events of the day.   She was there and your parents know it.

    Then, I'd look through the photos you have.   Find your favorite that's of you and your parents or you and your husband and your parents.   Have it printed as a 5 x 7 something of a decently large size, find a beautiful frame with a nice mat and then gift that to your parents.   The book is nice and it's also something they can close and put away.   The photo can be on display and hung on a wall or placed in a place of value for them to see every day. 
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    I agree with @banana468.  I would not change the album because your sister was a big part of the day.  It is impossible to change that or pretend she wasn’t there.  The family dynamic may change and possibly improve once the dust settles, and the album will be nice to have.  
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