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Help! Fashion stuff???

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Ok so we tentatively decided on colors, which I do like but here's the thing...

Fiance REALLY is in love with the idea of a dark gray suit, it's pretty much all he asked for (or at least all he's getting per our budget, we cannot afford 2 bands and a dj! Lol).  His heart is so set on it and I want him to feel great too ❤  

I originally intended to wear a somewhat colored or black wedding dress (not full black but there is a lot of cool partially black dresses)  he's even made comments about how cool a black dress would be.  I'm not a classic white dress kind of girl and want something unique.  White and ivory also look like shit on me. 

 I'm used to dressing only for myself and not coordinating with anyone or anything else and really feel like I'm losing control of the style aspect or our wedding.  It's becoming a giant mish mash or stuff we like without being tied together.

Other things we discussed (and both loved) are black tablecloths (which look fab in our venue) and converse for the groomsmen.  

Any ideas on how to keep everything coordinated?  
Dress suggestions?  I'm pretty open on my behalf and cannot decide on one dress I want to wear anyway.  (also I'm pale and blonde)

I've attached the colors we like.

Re: Help! Fashion stuff???

  • climbingsingleclimbingsingle NYC 'burbs member
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    Have you tried any dresses on yet? You might end up in something totally different than what you expected. 

    I'm a firm believer in what B&G should wear whatever they want. I wouldn't stress about need it to all fit together. You don't need a theme. Your wedding is the theme. 
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    Gray and black are neutrals so they will go with any colors. Those colors above are beautiful. Go try on dresses like @climbingwife said. Wear what makes you feel beautiful.
  • These color palettes are gorgeous. For your wedding, you should wear whatever you feel most beautiful in, and if that's not the "classic white dress," that's totally okay!

    Pretty much any color should look good next to gray or black. However, if you like how it looks on you, I do think the burgundy or dark red in the pictures here would be especially striking. Also check out jewel tones (sapphire blue, amethyst purple, etc.). Go shopping and see what you like! 
  • Try on some dresses as you'll discover what you love.  Don't lock yourself in to a color or style until then because many brides find that what they thought they would like or don't like ends up being the opposite once they see it on their body.  If you are set on going with a different colored dress, now is the time of year to look as it is Prom Season so stores have multiple different options in stock to at least try.  Let your FI choose his attire, and FWIW he may just want to purchase a suit instead of rent one as sometimes it's more affordable that way.  

    Sometimes a hodge-podge start ends up working really well together, keep it in your budget and enjoy the day!
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