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Help with Order of Attendants in Ceremony

Hello! I'm trying to figure out the best order for my bridesmaids and groomsmen for my wedding in May. I assumed that I would put the maid of honor and best man closest to me and future hubby respectively, but I'm not sure what to do with everyone else! I'm also struggling because I'm very short, around 5'1", while my maid of honor is fairly tall, closer to 5'8". The rest of my bridesmaids are closer to my own height, say 5'2"-5'5", but my maid of honor stands a full head above the rest of us. This is going to sound so mean, but I'm just afraid of it looking strange with she and I standing right beside each other with our drastic height difference. Do you guys think myself and the other bridesmaids will look overshadowed? And what order should the rest of the guys/girls go in? I'm really just looking for some tips for this as I have no idea where to start! Thanks :)

Re: Help with Order of Attendants in Ceremony

  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    You're overthinking...  Don't worry about it!  Yes, MOH and BM should be closest to you and FI typically...  

    We did it based the pairings on personalities...  Spouses together...etc.
  • Go tallest to shortest for BMs/GMs following your MOH/BM. Or in order of who you're closest to, just don't tell anyone that's your rationale, ha! But really, people will be focused on you and your husband, not the height of your attendants.
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    Think about the last few weddings you've attended. Can you recall the height of the attendants? 
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    My SILs were included, so we worked it out that they could walk with their husbands (H's brothers).

    Since we didn't make them hang out together as "couples" or come up with a reception intro, the rest really didn't matter. (We only had ourselves introduced. When I've been a BM, I'd far rather go to cocktail hour if possible, and since no one cares that much who the wedding party is anyway, why do I have to do an awkward entrance?)

    I've never noticed height in a bridal party.
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