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Will my bridal party look odd?

My girls were allowed to pick any dress as long as it was Azazie, floor length, Cabernet, and chiffon. My sister accidentally bought mesh and is unable to return it...the dress hasn’t come in yet.

Anyway, I have the swatches. They look nearly identical BUT when you flash photo, they look different. Do wedding photographers even really use flash? Lol

I would hate to have her buy another dress. Would it still look okay if the bridal party is wearing chiffon? I still have two bridesmaids that need to order, maybe I can tell them to wear mesh too so it looks mixed.
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Re: Will my bridal party look odd?

  • I like your idea of having the two who haven't ordered yet buy the mesh. But the most important thing is to simply inform your photographer. There is a lot he/she can do to compensate.

    My daughter was in a wedding last summer where they were all kinds of problems with the dresses. One bridesmaid had actually ordered the wrong size and had sewn a panel in the bodice that was the wrong color. Others had horrible hem jobs. But they warned the photographer and the pictures came out really well. You couldn't even tell.
  • Great idea, I even thought about asking him this!! 
  • I'd give your other BM the option to purchase the mesh too as the PP said... Along with letting the photographer know...
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    The far left girl is wearing mesh and it looks the same so maybe there’s hope. Lol I literally looked at Azazie’s gallery and looked at the descriptions...

    I’ll mention it to other BM but it wouldn’t be fair because most of the second hand dresses at only $60-80 are all chiffon. I guess I can mention it.
  • Just let the photographer know if you're concerned about it. If he/she uses flash for any pictures, they should be able to do a quick touch-up in Photoshop to better match the colors. That said, really every single dress will look a little different and light will hit at different angles, so some variance will look natural anyhow.

    And  if your sister happens to be your MOH I really would not sweat it. It's pretty normal for the MOH to be in a slightly different dress. But yeah you could always let the other girls know mesh is an option too now. 
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    It will be fine! It's a good idea to let the other girls buy a mesh dress. 
  • Thanks everyone, I feel better. 😊 I did email my photographer to let him know. Also I found other photos where some girls are wearing mesh and others chiffon and I can’t tell. So I think it’ll be okay!
    The one with the sleeves is mesh. They seem to blend well with the other party! Lol

  • I really don't think it will be an issue. Don't sweat it.
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    My daughter asked her BM's to wear any knee length black dress in the same fabric.  All but one chose a dress within those parameters.  One BM bought her dress at a department store vs the bridal shop and in a completely different fabric.  The ceremony continued, absolutely NO photographic "magic" was performed, no one noticed or cared, and pictures are framed and hung.   It is absolutely a non-issue.
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