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Wedding is the first week of August. Should I be concerned about the virus and having to reschedule?

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  • I agree that it's way too early to start potentially taking any actions.  But it also wouldn't hurt to think about general "what ifs"/"Plan B" ideas, as long as that won't stress you out too much and you don't get too fixated on it.  
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    I wouldn't make any decisions about August just yet, but it's not a bad idea to contact your vendors for a "what if" plan. 

  • I wouldn't make any decisions about August just yet, but it's not a bad idea to contact your vendors for a "what if" plan. 
    Yes, however vendors may be swamped with people who are getting married a lot sooner.  I would review your contracts first, and maybe come up with a contingency for what you might try to see you can get if you do have to cancel or postpone. 
  • I think you'll be able to predict how the US will look based on Italy's and China's numbers, because our response has been most similar to those two countries.  China has contained the virus, and they're three months out from Day Zero.  Estimates for Italy that I've seen put their Day Zero around mid-January.  I think you'll be able to estimate that the US will be in better shape between three months and however many months it takes for Italy to contain.  If I'm right on this, you'll be golden in August.  I agree that a what-if plan is a good idea, but I'm guessing you won't need it.  Nevertheless, get whatever the vendors agree to in writing, just in case.
  • FWIW - I'd get all of your vendors booked now because everything that is currently being postponed is scheduling into June/July/August...  I don't think the Virus is going to do anything more than make finding hotels in popular cities for conferences difficult since that's when everything has been rescheduled to...
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  • Is all depends what your state is suggesting. I'm in California our wedding will be in April 18th and we postponed this until May 23rd since California is required all gattering for more of 50 people not to be together 
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    My wedding is scheduled for 5/17/2020 and I’m wondering the same thing. I’m stressing out on just being right outside of the 8 week period and unsure if I need to reschedule. Anyone have thoughts on mine? 
  • I am having a call with my vendor today, wedding is 8/15 in New York (Westchester County). As hard as it is to imagine not getting married on our date, we have to keep the big picture in mind. My advice is to start having a general conversation with your vendors and try to not make any emotional decisions. Best of luck. 
  • We're scheduled for 5/30 and I'm having the same debate. Most of our guests would be traveling to us (in Seattle, ha, great) and a good chunk of our families are over 60. Since we're technically outside of the 8 weeks I feel like I'm being alarmist but folks are predicting the outbreak will peak in early May... so late May doesn't feel that safe. I guess everyone is in a slightly different situation and nobody knows exactly what will happen.

    My approach right now is just gathering info, seeing when we could potentially reschedule and making sure vendors will allow it (I can't imagine any of them not being flexible about this). This absolutely sucks, solidarity with my fellow brides and everyone planning a wedding right now.
  • Mine is the same day. Do you think there is cause for concern now? I’ve been a nervous wreck but hoping it will be clear by then 
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