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Covid-19 Kansas City Wedding postponement

Hey All. As I am sure most of you are aware - as of 3/15, KC Mayor Quinton has mandated no gatherings of 50 or more for the next 8 weeks. My wedding is on April 18 in Downtown KC and we had planned to have 200 guests or so. I am not here to complain or throw a pity party, but did want to open up a discussion so those in the same boat as my fiance and I can have a platform to discuss how to take action from here. Thoughts on how to go about discussing with vendors? Rescheduling venues? Communication channels for guests and ways to try to still have as many guests as possible attend our rescheduled date (when we do finalize it)? Any help or ideas appreciated. God bless everyone and stay safe out there.

Re: Covid-19 Kansas City Wedding postponement

  • My venue was very supportive and accommodating. We rescheduled right away from 3/29 to 6/27. The bakery had no problem changing the date either. Possibly because we were paid in full but just communicate with them as soon as possible. My fiance and I just sent out mass texts and called our elderly family members with the new date and time. This has been so heart breaking but keeping busy helps.

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