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hair and makeup

I am looking for someone for both hair and makeup (preferably airbrush) on location.  I prefer to spend no more than $60 for hair and $75 for makeup (although as the bride I am willing to spend slightly more than my BM's).  Because there are 8 of us and we have to be ready by 10:30 AM, I almost prefer to have 2 separate services with 2 people for hair and 2 people for makeup.  I spoke with Holly Speakes, and for 9 hair and 5 makeup by 2 ppl I was originally quoted 4 hours which just isn't an option!  I may still use her for makeup only but I really feel like I need 2 of each due to time contstraints.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone used Holly Speakes before for hair and/or makeup?  What about Betsy McMahon?  Any other suggestions?  Thanks girls!

Re: hair and makeup

  • Hi! Have you tried Identity Spa and Salon in South County? They are opening the salon early to do our hair and make up. Hair is $60 and make up is $55.They don't airbrush but the make up they use has the airbrush affect and leaves a flawless finish. They said it takes them about 30-45 min per updo.

    If you want them to come to you they may charge for travel. You tell them how many girls need services and they will staff it accordingly. Btw we have a mixed group of caucasian and african american and they are able to work with both.

    Here's the number: 314-892-3636.
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  • I'm using Mandy Mckenna out of Kansas City but she airbrushes.  If you want more information just email: [email protected].  I think it's 100 for the bride but only 75 for the bridesmaid if you airbrush.  If you want regular make-up it's less.  She also does hair and has a group of people that she works with! So you might be able to book her and she will bring enough people to get everything done!
  • I'm sure Mandy McKenna is great! It's just too bad she doesn't respond to her e-mails and the phone number onlie for her is disconnected. Megan, have you had your wedding yet? I am looking at besalonstl.com They got back to me super fast and it sounds like they work pretty fast as well. Also, their prices are reasonalbe. 

    Good Luck!
  • Amanda Willson (Infinite Beauty) travels. However I don't know what her prices are for airbrush. I don't know her exact prices for anything because my mom paid for the hair/makeup. I want to say it's a little more than $75/60... but not a ton more I don't think? The trial isn't free though.

    But she does a great job. I booked her for my wedding, and now I go to her as my regular stylist because she's great and super nice. :)
  • I used Holly for my hair and make-up for my 5 bridesmaids and myself. She did an amazing job. She did have 2 girls help with hair. She was so reasonable!
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