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COVID wording for invitations

Hi all, We've decided to keep our wedding for September 12, 2020. We are planning to have a larger reception in the far future (no date set and I don't plan to set one for awhile). I'm still inviting around 60 guests and I would like to put a statement on the back of the invitations letting people know that I understand they may not be comfortable coming to this 2020 event because of the virus and there will be a reception at a later time. I'm choosing to continue with my wedding during a pandemic and it won't hurt my feelings one bit if people don't come. I just want to convey it is a no judgment situation, everyone has to decide what is best for them and their family.  Has anyone done this, and is it necessary?

I was thinking something like: "We recognize the concerns COVID-19 has brought around traveling and gathering in groups. We understand that because of this, some of our family and friends may choose not to travel at this time. While we would love to have everyone there, we support whatever decision you make and plan to have a separate reception to celebrate with more comfortably with our loved ones in the future!"

Re: COVID wording for invitations

  • I see what you mean.   That said, what you're proposing to state is honestly what an invitation should mean.  Spread that via word of mouth.   If you can what I WOULD do is put on your wedding website the precautions that you and your vendors are planning for the wedding itself.  If you plan to seat people together in nuclear households, offer masks (this is when you can offer them in your wedding colors and have them in sealed sanitized bags for guests), and ensure that no food is passed, THAT is what I'd put in writing but not on the invitation.  
  • I had that thought too. Thanks for your input!
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