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COVID financial woes

Hello, friends! I don't use this style of message board often, so excuse me if I don't respond back. But I just need to vent. So my fiance started planning our wedding over a year ago, and set ourselves a modest budget of $18,000. At the time we both had steady employment, and I even accepted a new position that had me making much more than before. 
Then COVID hit. In these last 4 months both my fiance and I were furloughed, and I was the only one of us getting paid. (My job was still paying us.) He only received the first two weeks of unemployment, and then he could never get back on again. But he did UberEats deliveries, which allowed us to stay afloat. And our wedding got pushed back from June to October. 
But now the tables have turned. I have been permanently let go from both of my jobs, due to the virus. He's back at work but making the bare minimum of hours. And I'm not eligible for unemployment because it keeps finding some reason to deem me ineligible. (Thanks Florida DEO.)
So now I'm getting depressed. I'm trying to get excited for my wedding, but not sure if it will even happen. Also, I'm now looking at that $18,000 budget and wondering how we'll even pay for the vendors we've already booked. Before I was excited, and knew we were okay in the financial side of it. Now I look and all I see are dollar signs. I've been trying to find a new job, but nothing is hiring. I know it will probably all work out, but help me calm down in the meantime. I hate feeling depressed over this!  

Re: COVID financial woes

  • @jubileepink, sending out my sympathies!  These are really hard times and I know it's especially bad in FL.  I've also heard that FL is one of the more difficult and dysfunctional states when it comes to unemployment benefits.  But keep fighting the good fight on that end, even though it's frustrating.

    I would also recommend speaking to your vendors and see if you can postpone the wedding to Spring.  I know that $18K is already a modest budget, but really think about if there are things you all can cut out of it.  Cutting the guest list, assuming neither Save the Dates nor invitations have gone out is usually a huge cost saver.

    I know what it's like to have a "vision" of what your all's wedding will look like.  But, after the fact, you'll look back and realize that a lot of it wasn't that important.  For guests, a chair for every butt and enough food is all most people need.  By far, your strongest memories will be the feelings of joy to be starting your married life with your FI.  You'll remember the happiness of celebrating with your friends and family.

    But fancy centerpieces and linens on the table, downgrading from roses to carnations, veggie/fruit platters vs. passed appetizers, a sheet cake from Sam's Club instead of hundreds at a bakery...meh!'s not going to make much difference in you all and your guests enjoying themselves.  Another cost saver is to not serve alcohol, which is perfectly fine etiquette-wise.
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    I would also try to revisit unemployment for those times, that seems really strange to have been kicked off of it when he had it active unless he didn't fill out the voucher or if his employer somehow tried to appeal it. If it were me I wouldn't let it go as both of you are experiencing financial losses and there are protections built in, even more so today. 
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    Agree with PPs. If you still plan to get married in October, try to find a way to cut, cut, cut. My brother is getting married next weekend. They were originally going to have the reception in a gorgeous library. Now it's in a state park pavilion, and just immediate family and the wedding party will be there.

    I'm sure they are mourning it (although it's definitely the MOB who is the most), but have had a good attitude about all of it. They just want to be married. And it will definitely be the unique wedding that no one will ever forget.

    It is totally fine to choose instead that you will postpone again, but let go of as much of the wedding vision as possible, decide what is important (having people there? being married? remaining financially stable?) and add back whatever you can from there.

    That sucks, I'm sorry.
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