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Prudie Day (again, I think, I’m unreliable)

Happy Thursday, I think? 

Steve Brannon was inducted today so that’s our good news for the day. Also Kamala Harris’s speech last night (that I watched during a midnight feeding) was great and I wish she was the candidate. 

Re: Prudie Day (again, I think, I’m unreliable)

  • MNNEBrideMNNEBride Midwest member
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    Happy Thursday - that's what it says on my phone!

    My alarm went off at 6:15 AM and the power went out at 6:16!  DH left for work and was able to take the car that wasn't in the garage.  I got dressed and went outside to sit on the step and chat with the upstairs neighbor and her 3 year old.  Power was out about an hour and came back on just as I needed to log in to work.  Then it went out again 30 mins later.  This time only for a few mins.  No storms or wind in the area.  Weird.

    I need to shower at lunch as it was really dark in the bathroom earlier.  I'm meeting a co-worker for margaritas and Mexican food after work.  We haven't seen each other since March when we started WFH.  Hoping to sit outside so we can social distance but might be less crowded indoors.  

    Yay for Prudie!
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Mexican food and margaritas sounds great right now. 

    Yesterday about an hour before work ended a fire broke out nearby. It’s obviously still going as driving down into the valley was super smoky and the air is thick and smells like smoke. But I can’t find info about a local fire anywhere and it’s driving me crazy. 

    Otherwise SSDD. I’m glad it’s Thursday and will be even happier when it’s tomorrow at 4:59 pm. FSIL and I are going on a hike tonight if the air quality is okay. 

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    Bannon arrested by the USPS. Love it. 
  • I saw that he got arrested with three other people for border wall bribes.  Also, a federal judge allowed the investigation into Trump's taxes to continue forward.  

    Prudie will be up soon.  I'm in a meeting.

    It's Thursday.  Almost Friday, but not quite.  It is another beautiful day.  

    This meeting is making me so sleepy.  zzzzzz...

  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    All meetings make me sleeeepy

    I don’t follow the news, but I feel like TK is my newsfeed :)  I’m tired as well.  Drank some extra strong coffee this a.m. but it didn’t do the trick. I need to get some real sleep tonight. 

    For all built bar (protein bar) lovers, after a little under a month of being down, site is up and running with new improved flavors!  Yes, I ordered some.  

  • Bannon attested by the USPS. Love it. 
    The icing on the cake. 
  • NYC traffic sucks.  We are on the way to see BIL and SIL and it's slow going.
  • I will have to check out the Bannon news!  I am happy it is Thursday.  I'll be busy on the weekend, but at least I won't have to wait up early.  Last week I was out hiking with family, so it was nice and restful, but stuff around the house piled up.  Hubby has been getting a lot done in the evenings.  He is anticipating having no time between now and Christmas due to all the COVID requirements around school and what he has to do for his classes.  So much is still up in the air for how he can teach.

  • Excuse me language but FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK :(.

    I'm going to closing tomorrow to renew one of my loans.  I opened it 5 years ago.  It has a 20-year amoritization, in regards to payments.  But, after 5 years, it needs to be paid off or renewed.

    I just got the details.  I need to bring $924.86 to closing!!!  WTF!  I figured there would be some fees, but I had NO IDEA we were talking this kind of money.  Geez!  Give a girl some notice!  I am the brokest I've been in "I can't even remember when" and this is the third $500+ unexpected expense I've had in the last week.  I can scrounge it up, but really can't afford to and am sick about it.

    My one little bit of saving grace is my normal loan payment is $363...which they didn't take out of my account this month because technically the loan ended last month.  But that's still 560 bucks I need to come up with (sigh).
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  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    I need it to be Thursday. This three day work week is kicking my ass already.

    I'm currently annoyed with work. Some of the processes that take up about half my time are being eliminated at the first of the year. I've been in my role for about 18 months, so under normal circumstances I would say cool, we've wrapped that up neatly and it's the perfect time for me to move on to my next role. Except covid has basically meant no new roles are opening up and no one is moving around. If I sit still, it probably means I don't have much control over which new projects I'll get, and I'll risk being tied to something new that I don't love for some amount of time. So, now I'm debating whether it's time to look outside the company. Blah. 
  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    Bannon arrested by the USPS, Karma is starting to laugh its way back into the world!  Lock him up!!!!

    Got to see Kamala and Obama's speeches from last night, loved them both.  I still wish we had a different name at the top of our ticket (mostly a younger one!), but I love that Harris is the VP pick.

    Not much today.  Its gorgeous out today!  H is going bowling (its his new exercise since his small group for karate has disbanded since the pandemic), so I might take DD to the park around the corner.  She will love it!
  • The entire convention last night was so amazing (though I thought Warren was decidedly not great).  Seeing HRC (who did not drink chardonnay and flip us all off with a sign that said, "I told you so," in every language, but could have and I still would've cried and applauded) and her still working to unify the party was amazing.  Then Pelosi who practically spit out Mitch McConnell's name.  Then President Obama who not only was spectacularly presidential, cadenced, heartfelt, but then also almost started crying when he talked about John Lewis and what had been paid for the right to was nice to see his aloofness and coolness crack.  Ending with Kamala, who I just adore and who gave a magnificent speech accepting the was all magical.  From the party elders trying to give a call to the progressive wing to them all attacking Trump in the best way possible (We all gave him a chance, he's just not up to the job, he just can't do it, it's time to give someone we all know can do it better)...this entire convention, though I miss seeing the big crowds, has been something really special.

    I'm ready for the end of this week.  My period is demanding I eat all the things and my brain is like...OKAY!!  
  • @short+sassy Wow, that is short notice for that kind of bill!  Do they think we all have a thousand dollars just lying around our house for things like that?  

  • kerbohl said:
    @short+sassy Wow, that is short notice for that kind of bill!  Do they think we all have a thousand dollars just lying around our house for things like that?  
    That's what I thought!  I almost wanted to reply back, "Ummm, can we close after the 1st?  Because...$924."  But that seemed like "bad form" for a bank I'd like to do future loan business with, lol.

    In fact, this was a little weird, too.  She first sent me an e-mail asking if 1PM tomorrow would be good for closing.  I said that was fine and asked if I needed to bring anything.  It was only in her reply back that she dropped this bomb. 

    On the plus side, I FINALLY got word today from the construction loan I have (totally different loan/bank) that they ordered the inspection for my second draw request.  Phew!  It's my largest one and is going to be a big payback of money I've spent, so now there is an end in sight of getting my financial cushion back.  If I'm lucky, 2 more weeks.  If not, it still shouldn't be longer than 4 weeks.

    Unfortunately, the only entities I get to "make it rain" for are my almost maxed-out credit cards and HELOC, lmao.
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